Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fiesty Full Moon in Gemini - December 12

The self talkative Full Moon in Gemini, at 20 degrees, will stand opposite a sun in Sagittarius that is connected to Mars on one side and Dark moon Lilith on the other. The exact time of the Full Moon is 6:29am MST on Friday December 12th. This means the peak night is Thursday, December 11th. By the night of the 12th, the moon will have peaked in the morning and will be waning. Early friday morning is our flowering moment for this lunar cycle. Meanwhile mercury is conjunct Pluto having just moved into zero Capricorn, also near the sun, and the FULL MOON alignment. While this mercury is near pluto, we will find an intensity to the realm of our mind. Extra caution is advised on the mouth during this holiday season. Speak to the soul, with that mercury conjunct pluto, it can be a deep and soulful time. There can also be deep anger, or shadow, so watch the underbelly of speaking pluto. Pluto's power is pure, its up to us how we manifest it through our speech this week as mercury and pluto come together, with the light and expansion of the Full Moon. Our words will be supercharged--so lets use that power with skill for joy and upliftment of our souls, rather than digging up old shadows, conflicts or wounds. The Full moon creates a T-Square with Saturn opposing Uranus. We are experiencing the breaking down of convention in any area where it is holding us back from solutions, truth or creativity. Uranian idealists are also finally getting it together to put business plans and organization together to create the new structures that will support this new golden age that we've heard of for so long . . . This dawning Age of Aquarius. This full moon is a bit of a crisis of organization with Saturn in the T-Square. Its time to Re-organize so that things function more smoothly for this upcoming age of Aquarius and what it means to new business.
When the full moon in Gemini highlights our self looking at our "other self," we have moments of confrontation, and moments where we seem to stand on opposite sides of an issue. Sometimes, all we can do, is laugh at how seriously we take ourselves. Ideas can change, polarized thought is two sides of a wheel. The whole wheel is kept moving by some mysterious force of creation and its important to honor the way each force, each place on the wheel, even when they are opposite positions on the wheel--is important for the health of the whole. Our uniqueness and diversity is the secret to our success and healing in the new time. As we have compassion for each other's differences, we can celebrate the power in diversity!!!!!!
Its a busy time of year. . . . as we hit this Full Moon in Gemini for the year . . . . do you find your selve with Two many projects? Ever feel like this man, with his twins, like you've been left with two projects and you only have two arms and . . . .
those are the times we're in. You can do it. You are stepping into superhero status!! Pluto shifting from fire to earth is turning us all into super hero's to deal with the increasing intensity and acceleration we are experiencing in time and in our lives. May the source of . . . . "yes you can!" be with you!!! Happy Full Moon.

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Photo Credits:
1. Twin Palms - thanks to "Extra Medium" on Flickr
2. "Two Brothers" the photo of lions--thanks to "Tambako the Leopard" on Flickr
3. "Two arms, No waiting," thanks to McBeth on Flickr

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