Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mercury Retrograde Rabbit Hole Dec. 26!

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them." ~ Thoreau!

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn are receiving quite a powerful focus in the heavens in 2010!! Pluto assured us last year at Thanksgiving, when it moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn, that we would focus our attention and our power more and more into Capricornian realms of basic economy, our money system, our own teeth and bones and the teeth and bones of our world--our power structures, and systems as they function in our practical world.

With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, we are returning to review and rebuild where needed, our finances, our bones, our teeth, and all the infrastructure that "make our world go up and down." For the next three weeks, while mercury retrogrades in Capricorn--it is a natural season to review finances and rebuild financial infrastructure in this rapidly changing world economy.
Mercury went retrograde at 21 degrees Capricorn, on December 26th at 7:38am. It will retrograde back to 6 degrees Capricorn on January 15th, the day after the Solar Eclipse New Moon. The combination of Pluto POWER in early Capricorn, moving slowly, degree by degree, digging each capricorn degree like an enima is focus of POWER to cathart Capricorn for the next thirteen or so years.

In a closer faster cycle, this Mercury retrograde season asks us to review our own Capricornian realms, So the sign of Capricorn is receiving a tremendous amount of examination and review attention on many levels. Be ready to review numbers and financial systems willingly--to go to the table--during this mercury retrograde, as we go over and over our capricornian systems for the next three weeks. If the world demands more money, we can respond with money magic to remain on the "crest of the wave," and not under it.

Mercury hits 21 degrees of Capricorn again on February 3rd--a time when we can realize we've come out of the Mercury Retrograde rabbit hole that began on December 26th, or earlier, if we are sensitive, we feel it early.

Health Industry Relapse
The Health insurance industry has its roots in a kind of Capricornian hierarchical medical model that is a "profit-making" model at its core. This is one example of an old outmoded system. As mercury retrogrades over the next three weeks, we can re-examine this health care bill to see what it is really made of. Its good to be paying attention for this capricornian review on all levels.

Cosmic Economic Shift!!
All the activity in Capricorn shows the cosmic economy is changing courses!! If the cosmic economy tides shift, we too need to altar our "economic sails." Capricorn and Aquarius are co-planetary rulers of planet Saturn. When Capricorn has become worn out and over-buereaucratic, the archetype of Aquarius comes along just in time to throw enough chaos into a worn out system, to wake everyone up. With Jupiter, Neptune nand Chiron in Aquarius still, and Uranus mutually receiving this Aquarian river from Pisces, a river of Aquarian wake-up-chaos is available for our surfing and creative ingenius pleasure. Eclipses, like the influence of planet Uranus, can have a chaos affect and can sweep through with waves of change.

The eclipses in Capricorn are a powerful wave of drastic change
There are a few keys to surfing the crest of these waves of change, rather than feeling pummeled by them, or feeling overtaken by their currents. We need to "get with" this feeling of change! We can be fueled by the rapid change as it asks us to give up everything that causes a problem, either for us personally, or collectively, and jump into the waves of inspired change that call us forward.
It is time to resolve to know the universe is on our side, step aboard the new tide and allow it to lift us into our new sailboats! Oops, we may need to build the sailboats that ride these changing new energies of 2010!! (Mercury retrograde in Capricorn reminds us) Surfing mercury retrograde requires flexibility and willingness to go over and over a list of numbers with a partner until both people find resolution for mistakes in accounting or mis-calculations. It is a "going back to the beginning," of some system, and redoing the foundation, or reviewing the steps along the way. As long as we are willing to go in circles, where needed, without too much fuss, we can have a good time this mercury retrograde season, and allow the waves of cycles of change to wash us clean of the old ways and allow ourselves to be washed gracefully up onto the shores of our new forms, still emerging like tips of icebergs.

Blue Moon?
A "Blue Moon," as it is called, is named so because it is the "second full moon within one calendar month." For example, there was an early Full Moon on December 2nd and now a second Full Moon on December 31st. Although this "Blue Moon" phenomenon only means something from the perspective of the Gregorian Calendar year, i still find these little mythic symbols weave magic from every direction. So cheers to the special "blue" moon on NEW YEAR'S EVE on DECEMBER 31st!!!. For those who keep track, which the astroguyz are--the last blue moon was June 30th, 2007, and the next is August 31st, 2012.

If one simply lives within the lunar rythm, it is a special Full Moon, because it happens on New Year's Eve, of all moments . . . AND it is a Lunar Eclipse, marking a deep underground shifting. Some of us may feel exhilerated by this change and some of us may feel destabilized by it. Its good to pick up the surf board and enjoy the volatile waves of change, rather than attempting to hold a delicate set of china while managing an old system.

Astroguyz did some great research and as they say it,"not everyone will get to witness; a partial eclipse of the full “blue” moon. The second full moon of December, the first occurred on December 2nd of this month. This eclipse, however, is extremely shallow; at maximum, the moon will only be 7.63% immersed in the dark umbra of the earth’s shadow. Viewing favors Asia, Europe, and Africa; Australia will see a setting eclipse at sunrise, and most of the Americas will miss out. Only the Canadian Maritimes and extreme northeastern New England can expect to see a shallow, rising eclipse at dusk on the 31st."

This particular eclipse is a part of saros cycle 115. A Saros cycle is a period of 6585 + 1/3 days (approximately 18 years 10 days and 8 hours) Every saros (meaning a mark of time) the Sun, the Earth and the Moon return to approximately the same places woven by a larger archetypal thread. We can look back to the turning of the year from 1991 to 1992 to see some larger pattern of change in our lives. Eighteen years is a full cycle of the North and South Nodal Axis, sometimes called the "eclipse axis." As we reflect back to 1991 and the new year's crossover to 1992, we turn another great cycle and feel a certain river of change that we've felt wash through us before, 18 years before.

"Destiny happens in 18 year cycles," says the snake of past and future time. Eclipses are points of great karmic turning and un-escapable forces of change that have the power to sweep us out of old issues, blocks or outmoded patterns. We can trust this potent volatile and fast moving force of change.

If earthquakes come, they come to break up the old stuck places, bringing enough chaos for new life and new springs to emerge out of the crumbling old rigid places.

Capricorn- Cancer Alchemy in 2010!!
Time for Inventions!! "Chaos is the mother of invention."
Any time there is a "problem" in January, it is a good time to "invent a new system!" There is no better time for ingenuity than when change brings us to outliving our old forms . . . what is the next step? Where do we go from here? The question of the capricorn alchemy of 2010. The mountain goat climbs the mountain one step at a time, with no fear of hights or depths.
Cancer _ Getting with the Mama! The secret key of Capricorn/Cancer alchemy!!
When Capricorns over-serious skeptical analysis has us down, Cancer nourishes us with her protective yet soft life-giving nourishment. The archetype of Cancer, where the moon will be when it is Full Moon Eclipsing opposite the Sun in Capricorn, on New Year's Eve, is where our focus needs to be. The grand Mama eclipse. In one way or another, i will celebrate the Divine Mother on New Year's Eve. I will bless and pray for all of the mama's on the earth.

Eclipses in Cancer . . . How is your Mother?
With eclipses coming in Cancer, it is good to care for and check in with our Mothers, who may be feeling this deep change on some level. If we see them changing outwardly, it is a good sign, the change needs to be integrated fully through our bodies so as not to cause external chaos in our lives, more likely when we refuse to integrate these changes willingly. Nourishing our mothers, in all forms, through whatever changes they are going through at this time, is an important part of our 2010 journey. May the mother of mother's be with your heart this year!! As the shock waves of change move through our Cancer and Capricorn realms.

Starlit Love,

Opening Quote: I found this quote from Sheri Herndon, who comments: I love Thoreau's deep wisdom and thank you Michelle Sharine Grenier for sharing this quote.

Blue Moon and Eclipse Viewing information--thanks to Astroguyz!!

"The Abbey" Full Moon - Thanks to .craig
Eclipse Surfer - Thanks to pericomart(Feliz Navidad A Los Malos Tambien)
Blue Moon - Thanks to C@rlJones
Change Grafitti Wall - Thanks to The Value Web Photo Gallery
"Divine Mother's Love" - Thanks to CG2-SoulArtist

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!!


This is the end of last year's Solar work of creation!!!! Today we complete the old year, get to the bottom of the darkness for the year, and we begin a new creation--TOMORROW!! Tomorrow the sun will shine with light that is fresh, having crossed from the season of waning light at the end, to waxing new light at the beginning of a new cycle of creation.

This is one of my favorite moments of the astrological year. We are all humbled. We have all seen our own darkness and are in a place of longing for an increase in spiritual light.

The day before Winter Solstice, this morning, Sunday, Mars has just started retrograding, adding mystery to our activity as we enter the portal of the solstice. This solstice, and this new year . . . we enter it with the Cosmos in love.

Venus is sextiling a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is an aspect we see every twelve or thirteen years. This conjunction is the third of three Jupiter Neptune conjunctions this year. The first two conjunctions took place in May and July.

Jupiter expands the spiritual river of Neptune. Neptune's river is not always expressed spiritually, however, when we are in alignment with divine will, we will experience this conjunction as a HUGE UPGRADE in our FLOW with SPIRITUAL POWER and KNOWING. It is a wonderful thing to see Jupiter conjunct Neptune on the Winter Solstice!!!

Since Chiron is only a few degrees ahead of this conjunction, the wounded healer stands nearby reminding us of all that needs healing. As we become more empowered in our "knowing," that knowing will lead us to heal and balance ourselves, humanity and the earth. 2010 and the next solar cycle is colored with this message about human empowerment into higher states of knowing and connectedness, giving the power to respond to the current world and human situation with "more intelligence," than the level of intelligence that created the problem.

We will see an expansion of focus on WATER this year, and the archetype of "The River," will speak to us on many levels. It is truly time to "jump into the river," in 2010 and "go with the flow." So where is that flow taking us? I know and trust that if we "tune in" and align with these greater archetypal forces, they will take us somewhere beautiful. These are the forces that unfold us, like flowers, into our highest potential. Only our own illusions, resistance and self or conditioning-imposed limitations will keep us from a divine unfolding.

The exact time of the Winter Solstice is 10:47am on Monday December 21st. There are beautiful aspects all day on the Winter Solstice. The Moon, Venus, the Sun and Pluto all get involved in supporting us on the Winter Solstice, THE DAY to anchor ourselves into our dream for our next year. It is important to take the time to root ourselves into our year now with this empowerment day, to prepare for the somewhat initiatory and tension energies to come as we come upon the Christmas days and the New Year's Eve Eclipse. By rooting ourselves into the new cycle tomorrow, and spending some deep time to align while the energies are strong, can give us the connectedness and "in the flow," that we need to ride the tension aspects and initiatory eclipses with grace.

May your new creation year fulfill your flowering into knowing your soul, the earth, our human purpose, and the collaborative miracle it will take to re-align humanity into right relationship with the cosmos.

I will be writing about Eclipses as Portals after looking into this eclipse on New Year's Eve a little more. (Sorry for the delay--for those who i told i would write about this!)


Thank you to Alice Popkorn for the image.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Moon in Sagittarius - Beginning Ascent toward Full Moon Eclipse!


This Holy Days New Moon happened at 5:04am MST this morning, Wednesday December 15th. Today's New Moon is in Sagittarius and it has a very clear message: "Aim High!" Imagine the BEST possible scenario in every situation, and then get down to business in the practical world, as this moon has done, since it was at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, it went into Capricorn within a few hours. The energy of this cycle asks us to aim high and ground fast!

In the days ahead, we will want to experiment with being optimists and tie camels quickly. If we take the time to imagine some kind of impossible miracle that will solve the problem or limitation we are facing RIGHT NOW and Now, and NOW . . . If we can envision a "best possible scenario," even when things "don't look good," it just might happen!!

I'm calling this the TURTLE NEW MOON!! It is time to get prepared to be a "turtle," and be able to feel "at home" in our body, and be able to "go anywhere," because just about anything might happen and we need to be prepared. The intuition or the gut "knows" what it needs to know to navigate the next cycle, and the next year.

For me, my belly is my turtle-home. When i listen to my belly--it knows what to do in each moment. The closer we get to the eclipse, the more important it will be to be vigilant. Vigilance needs to increase each day as we walk toward the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve.

Sagittarius Key - Aim High
Capricorn Key - Capricorn and Aquarius are both related to Saturn and are doing a kind of deep alchemy at this time. We are shifting from Capricornian to Aquarian structures. The unconditional love and gentle heart of Pisces is our guide in the next two months, during this Caprico-Aquario change-over. The spiritual Spring of Pisces radiates its light and wisdom to us in the deep dark winter. i can feel it radiating from March in the future--this Piscean love light, calling us through the next few months, to spring. Take care of practical things and Trust in a deep alchemy of soul and spirit even in the presence of fear or perceived limitation

I'm remembering a book title, "Return of the Children of Light: Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World." This book is by Judith Bluestone Polich. I participated with Judith in a Don Miguel Ruiz apprenticeship. This book title is ringing right now in my ears. The return of the children of light.

This cycle is a powerful time in the mysteries of the Christos. The second coming of Christ will be through the Divine Feminine, and these eclipses, will be like angel's trumpets calling forth this awakening. There is already a call that women and men are feeling. Jesus led an awakening that began an error of men. (mythically and archetypally) Now, at the "second coming," as it is called, I believe women will lead the awakening through our capacity for unconditional love and miracle consciousness, and return our earth and humanity to balance.

There is a call from the deep feminine and it echoes out across the earth. Girls being cut, women being raped, these "calls" echo across the earth, and across consciousness. It may become more and more difficult for us to "ignore" these calls. The trumpets are ringing. Meanwhile, lighter and lighter states of joy, ecstasy and time-travel are becoming available to those who can access them.

The joy is a healing balm and what it will take, to heal the world of poisoned waters and abused women. There is joy in healing. This is the year to find the joy of healing. 2010 is a power year, and also a "tricky" year, in which we need to step into more mastery, as revealed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Year's Eve.

This may NOT be a New Years Eve to be out driving around, and if you do--be ULTRA CAREFUL with potential drunk drivers, etc. It is a New Year's Eve to be in high ceremony in communion with the divine. Portals of all kinds are opening and all the extremes will be felt. It is a time of purification and rebirth. These archetypal cycles return again and again. In July and August we had a set of three eclipses last summer. This is the next pass into an eclipse field!! The last set of eclipses were special in that there were THREE of them!! These eclipses are impacted by the POWER of PLUTO in Capricorn.

Some people may choose to leave the earth at this time. Eclipse fields tend to be portals of coming and going--in and out of the third dimensional earth plane. With Pluto involved in the eclipse field, the underworld is alive. It is a time to take care of intenstines and plumbing. It is important as we move toward this Full Moon Eclipse to explore our "right use of power," so we are channeling power into grace and miracles, rather than one form of underworld hell or another, ruled in the tarot by "the devil," or "bad ideas."

The Scoprio Key (sign of Pluto) is: Boundaries for Beauty. (meaning power can be used to create boundaries and "space" for beauty to happen) For example, placing a boundary to keep oil and gas from drilling into water basins, protects the beauty of nature that we create our own beauty in each day. The power of Pluto and Scorpio can be harnessed on behalf of "Boundaries for Beauty." In order to have a deeply meaningful experience, we have to create the boundaries (or beliefs) for that experience to happen inside of.

New Moon Solar Eclipse follows just after midnight the night of January 14th. An "old astrologer's tale," tells us the window of shake-up, death of ego and death of kings is ten days before and three days after an eclipse. I've found the field of the eclipses to expand up to a full lunar cycle (or two) surrounding these intense points of LIFE and DEATH POWER.

This power will either lift us up, when we are so aligned "with life," that we are upheld by the new world pushing through, even if we might be hospicing the death of the old, we will feel full of life. This is a time to be aligned with higher divine forces and with "life itself." If one is feeling off center, it is good to take the extra time to "get centered" before engaging in any activity, especially involving heavy machinery or children. Since the eclipses will be in Cancer/Capricorn they will remind us of everything we NEED TO KNOW NOW about our NEW way of WORKING, which may involve "letting go of the old way of working." The Cancer archetype is related to our Children and we will also see eclipse-like changes related to mothering and children.

Our children, our homes and our families will remind us how important they are to us. We all need to practice being families of turtles, who can jump into the middle of the river of LIFE and guide increasingly chaotic situations, into grace, miracles and a core of radiant power that comes when we are aligned with both the earth and the heavens. It is the time to ignite the power to be in our core and center, no matter what is happening, and be able to envision and commit best case scenarios and be able to meet the worst possible scenarios if necessary.

Health may be challenged, as we see this is happening on a National Level as well as on a personal level. We are coming into the "transition times." In these times, we can raise our vibration with elevated states of joy, compassion, faith, miracle consciousness, mercy, forgiveness and gratitude. These higher states will resinate a body back to health from any dis-ease. We need to learn how to work with health in a completely different way, as we enter this eclipse field. The vaccine scandals are just the beginning of what could be "anything." We will increasingly have the power to create with our thoughts and heal or wound ourselves with our thoughts and beliefs.

I am sorry to say that i do not at this time believe that most of Western Medicine is based in what i would call "healthy belief systems." I believe in order to survive the coming times, we will need to develop our capacity to self heal, and to create a system of beliefs and healing that reveals our spirit-mind-body-heart-system as a vehicle that is designed to self heal and mediate consciousness with form for the purpose of stewarding the earth and creating inside of its (our) beauty.

These eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn herald a time to come on the earth where our homes will emerge as our new "healing places," rather than hospitals. I believe it is possible that hospitals could one day be obsolete. These eclipses will push that turn-over forward. The more we can be comfortable healing ourselves like shamans, healers, and priests (or priestesses) the more comfortable we will be, in the coming times.

May the source be with you!!

PHOTO CREDITS: from the Creative Commons:
Thanks to "Rob Inh00d" on Flickr for the Sea Turtle image.
Thank you to "Pascal \o/" for the New Moon image.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full Moon in Gemini and Uranus Stationing - "Like Magic"


This FULL MOON in Gemini, polarized with a bright fiery SUN in SAGittarius, exact Tuesday thirty minutes after midnight, Mountain time, will bring to light all the forms of "magic," that we experience and the places where we may need to transform or temper "magic," and where we need to honor the magic. Like a hummingbird's wings are magic, nature reveals to us unbelievable miracles of LIFE every day.

On the other side of the spectrum, our cell phones seem to happen "like magic," and yet we may find, if we watch this documentary film: Full Signal, that the magic of cell phones, may not be so life-giving. This technology may need TEMPERING!!


GEMINI is the TWINS!!!! The Twins are our allies. They are our TWO FACES. We all have an evil twin and an angelic twin. Like we have our shadow and our light we all contain a liar in us. Gemini is the liar in its darkest moments and angels wings lifting us, in its lightest moments. Humor is a Gemini higher expression and gossip is a Gemini Devil. We may notice all kinds of Geminian archetypal highlights, like "unusual partnerships," for better and for worse. This is a great time to find "unlikely allies." It is also a time to keep tabs on the corrupt ones who might be wreaking havoc at this full moon. Gemini is either lying, telling stories, or using the love of speaking to speak the truth and bring justice. This Full Moon, notice where each one is on that spectrum, as you move through the world. Who is lying, who is telling us beautiful stories and who is bringing truth and justice?

Justice or "just us?" With Saturn in Libra, we can count on extra power for JUSTICE. We are at the beginning of a two year phase of JUSTICE with SATURN in LIBRA. Every one of us may find a piece of work in the area of "bringing justice" over the next two years. Full Moon will trine this fresh new Saturn in Libra--bringing into sharp focus, like our own sword, the ways in which we ourselves can be involved in bringing and protecting justice. Of course each one has his/her own idea of justice--that is the conversation of this full moon and this next two years of Saturn in Libra.

Gemini is connected with planet Mercury who is the Magician in the Tarot. Mercury is our words, our thoughts and our public speaker, in the neighborhood and in the city council meetings. What do we have to SAY? This full moon in Gemini will have us talking--each in our own way!! Cheers!!! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah !!!!! hopefully leading to "Ah Hah!!"

MEANWHILE, on the day of FULL MOON, which is TUESDAY (late night is full moon), however in the middle of the day, planet URANUS, planet of invisible technologies, invisible beings, invisible energy, lightning, our own genius, breakthroughs, shocking things, things that happen "all of a sudden," will go DIRECT, after months of retrograde at 1:37 pm MST. Uranus went retrograde on July 1st--a five month retrograde period is now ending, and this invisible force within and without will move "forward" once again.

On the Monday before this planetary station, planet MERCURY SQUARES URANUs, at 12:52pm MST. This tension square could be a "wake up call" or a day of truth-telling or lots and lots of communications!!! This is tension for our WORK!!

When something that was invisible, or "unknown," is all of the sudden visible, or "known." This Uranian transition can be revelatory, shocking or both. This is LIVING HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL ENERGY . . . energy with the power to break through any old problem, or arise with the genius needed now. This next few days calls for us to be COREFUL and AWAKE about how we manage this powerful force of change!!!! We have genius capacity and we have so much electricity that we need to take care with driving and operating anything electrical.

We can choose to utilize these increased energies and capacities now, to make breakthrough's in our life's work, supported by the Full Moon trine to Saturn in Libra.

PLANET URANUS going direct, is like each one's own COMING OUT PARTY!! Inner Dork, Alcoholic, Revolutionary, Genius or Freak, this is each one's own SEASON OF COMING OUT of our own personal closet!!!!!

Happy Uranus Changing Full Moon Window!!! May we fly on angels wings and find the strength to temper and transform harmful magic and cultivate life-giving magic.

If you would like to find WHERE your own personal URANUS COMING OUT PARTY is happening in your own chart, or WHERE the upcoming ECLIPSE will happen, or how this FULL MOON could play out in your life--with options to choose from of course!! Its good to be informed of what is possible!! CAll 505-920-0199 to schedule an astrology reading. Many Many Blessings!! And May the Source Be With You!!!

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Thank you to the photographers!
Amyn Kassam for the Hummingbird
and Smith on Flickr, for the Cell Phone Tower
Both photographs in the Creative Commons

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy New Moon! We Are the Phoenix Today.


We BEGIN A NEW EMPOWERMENT of our new world, transitioning, as we witness our old world DIE and COMPOST. Compost is a good word and so are the words "New Creativity" and "New Energy Birthing," for today's nest of life energy at this POWER NEW MOON!!!!!

This New Moon in Scorpio is a phoenix rising filled with new life from the depths of deep waters . . . . the movements of power flowing today are DEEP CURRENTS of TRANSFORMATIONAL DEATH AND REBIRTH POWER. We are waking up amidst the ashes of a dying empire. Wherever we are, its better to jump off of any untruths or compromises we made in the past, emerging into the new alignment with TRUTH, JUSTICE and the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS!

All that is flexible, fluid and guided will thrive, all that is rigid, fearful or patriarchal will be composted in the days, months and years to come. It is a time to trust one's deepest purest soulful motivations and allow fears and rigidities to relax, soften and fall away. Leaps of faith
following DEEP TRUTH are required for our survival through these times. It is more important to speak the truth than to be comfortable, especially for the next two months.

In these times, the cosmos will reward RIGHT USE OF POWER. If you know "where the river is flowing," you may be guiding it, or you may be building the new banks of the "river of the new era of Aquarian Humanity."

"There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water."

-- excerpt, attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

Hopi Nation Oraibi, Arizona

"And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

"The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

* * *

Our new moon today, at 24 Scorpio is like the phoenix who "allows him or herself to DIE," then burns in the fire of transformation, rising out of the ashes like a spring of life, flying toward divinity (up) with passion. Today both the death and the spring of life, cross paths.

What does this mean? "We are the ones we've been waiting for!"

I believe it means each of us is KING of our own WILD THINGS and we must find a way to bring order to this Wild Chaos of Corruption and Greed, from the rulership of the heart-tempered and time-wisened power of each one's own true rulership, not expecting anyone, not Obama, not any other "outside King," to "take care of things for us." It is time to take the power of rulership into ourselves.

Each of us has an answer for something. Each of us plays an important role. It is time for each one to fully step into their power as WHO WE ARE uniquely and in power. Real power is saying the right thing at the right moment in the right way to move "the river" along. Real power ishearing the inner call and following it, ending up at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Real power is healing, like miracles.

We each need to find the deep rivers of truth and allow divine power to move through each of us uniquely as each of us plays our important and unique roll. If you are working for someone else, and it does not feel right for you, you may need to quit or take a break, to align yourself with your TRUTH and listen to your "inner deep river, to see where it is flowing you." May your inner river, flowing in the river of your heart, lit up by the SUN of your power center, as you joyfully move the branches out of the way and celebrate while reparing the boat wherever needed from leaks.

Saturn and Pluto are evolutionary forces. These forces drive humanity, each of us to EVOLVE. We are all being asked to COMPLETE the things we KNOW need to be completed and to MOVE to where there is an open door or an exciting opportunity, even though letting go of the past is uncomfortable and attachment can feel like the scorpions claws. Through some mysterious process these feelings of anger, grief, intense attachment, and all dark feelings - when brought to the fire, to bathe in the light of truth, these things transform into the leadership and wisdom of EAGLE, Scorpio's ascended archetypal expression. The Eagle is our ability to invent the next infrastructure for the next channel of abundance, the next water pipe, the next flow of energy. the eagle has the larger perspective and can lead us with wisdom.

I choose to allow my attached inner Scorpion, afraid of loss of comfortable and familiar deep places, to let go with its scared tightened claws. I push off into the middle of my own river. I allow myself to fall into the deep currents of my inner intuitive flows. I may need to dance, to run, to be in the ocean or be in rivers, or nature to find my own inner river.

I commit to building the banks of the river. The banks of my river, i build with the courage of knowing the future is built one brick, one thought, one word at a time. I take responsibility for SATURN, my AUTHORITY, as it meets in strength, my POWER. I have given my power AWAY to AUTHORITY, which i have externalized. I have also felt LIMITED (Saturn) by external POWERS, which i have projected onto external forces. I surrender these projections as i reclaim MY AUTHORITY INSIDE and MY POWER INSIDE. From this new place of authority and power, full responsibility for EVERYTHING that i see outside of me.

This place of taking responsibility for all things, and creating, as if we are the KING, the MASTER, the CREATOR of our new world. What infrastructure do we now need to build?

May you inspire, grieve, spin, dance, ski, travel, write, sail, raft, think, care, awaken yourself to your own inner power and authority, meaning completely RIGHT LIVELIHOOD, RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with human other as well as EARTH -right-relationship. If we are not in "right relationship at this time, we know this and we need to take real steps beginning TODAY, to move toward this right relationship that we "know" inside. The river inside of us will take us to "right relationship." We must follow our river! Yes!!! Follow the river!!!!!!

Azlan White is an astrologer, activist and runs the non-profit, Global Relief Resources in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Readings are not only filled with penetrating insight and transformational power, but they also indirectly support the work of Global Relief Resources to empower women in Africa who are ending Female Genital Mutilation. Call 505-920-0199 to schedule a telephone reading - $30 for a half hour.

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Thank you to all of the photographers:
1. "PhoenixTattoo" - thank you to *Bri*
2. "Children Fun from The Past" - thanks to Leo Chimaera
3. "A River of Fun" - Thank you to Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero
4. "Where The Wild Things Are" - Thank you to Ana Santos

Monday, November 2, 2009

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!! and Saturn Square Pluto!

TODAY, November 2nd, the moon is FULL!! At 12:14pm MDT there is a peak and change point of light and power, while this radiant reflector of solar light, the moon expands our capacity to create, to flower, and to contact our own power.

In Scorpio we move beyond Libra, the realm of partnership and "other," into deeper levels of relationship that involve money, sex, or deep heart and soul contact. Where do we receive our real sustenance and power? Can you feel Power changing? This Taurus full moon asks us to find resourcefulness and to flower our power!! This is a power flowering time in the year!! Don't forget to flower your power so your personal vehicle is ready to meet with the future in strength and corefulness.
Saturn squaring Pluto already in alignment, and tightening until November 15th, asks us to meet with forces of death and destruction with prayerfulness and wisdom. Death and Destruction provides fertile ground for new life. What is alive that will thrive now, even as "the towers" of America continue to fall?

Saturn Square Pluto reminds me of "True Grit," a phrase a spiritual teacher of mine, Leslie Temple Thurston, has spoken of recently as something we will need in this time. In America, the land of convenience, we are facing a situation that is going to require True Grit. As we move toward Saturn squaring Pluto, this need to be steadfast and solid in our intentions, even as the world may crumble will come to a power point with this square.

Saturn square's Pluto around every seven or eight years, and yet this particular Pluto/Saturn square feels potent as it may initiate or bring about what many sensitive's are calling "a period of chaos." Chaos is an energy that is connected with The Fool, who steps off of the cliff, and is "freefalling" and yet is on his/her journey through the archetypal keys of life. Pluto connects us to the unknown and Saturn is about our authority and our physical world. Pluto square Saturn is a TOWER-like energy. What have we learned since the collapse of the Twin Towers? What is the next evolution of this incident?

It is good to be prepared for uncertain circumstances around Christmas. The further into December we travel, the further into an ECLIPSE PERIOD we will travel. This eclipse period that focalizes at the New Year, is a death and rebirth. July was the last eclipse window. December is our next intensive initiatory meeting with forces of life and death and radical change!

Right now, the energy is strong and stable, moreso than it will be for the rest of the year, time to prepare. The light of this full moon can be utilized to "see" what is needed to prepare for the next few months.

Since Pluto went into its current roll in Capricorn on Thanksgiving last year, it is a reminder that as we walk into the future, gratitude is a key to the new kind of power that is here now. This Pluto in Capricorn will come into a 90 degree angle with Saturn freshly into Libra. It is a time to willingly allow our hearts to break open with whatever we face in the next few months. Saturn in Libra asks us for Justice. How are we in service to this archetype of Justice that is just beginning as Saturn settles into Libra for the next two years!!!

As we connect with ourselves all over the earth, we see how interconnected we really are. In this time of change, Pluto/Saturn square and beyond, we will be investigating borders and vessels for peace, bridges, conversations and collaborations all stepping us outside of old boxes.

If you would like to see where Saturn square Pluto activates in your personal chart, or prepare for the eclipse period by knowing where in your life it will impact the most, call 505-983-7282 to schedule an appointment for a telephone reading. $25 for 30 minutes

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse peaking at 6:55pm MDT. It will be visible from South-East North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and West Asia. Between 4pm-10pm is a consciousness portal of magic, transformation, life, death, and resurrection. Vital and powerful solar and lunar energies are transmuting, transforming, and enlightening our way, from the soul level out.

Expect to see decline and destruction where things are already decaying, expect to see people "acting out" parts of egoic consciousness that are up for all to see and release. We are not our shadow. We are releasing our shadow as we see it arising in front of us. We are claiming our shadow to claim our power. Our power is in our wholeness , in light and dark, in acceptance and forgiveness of all things.

This eclipse happens across the Leo/Aquarius Axis. Stephanie Austin references this eclipse: "New doorways emerge; old pathways disappear. We recall our soul intentions, complete or renegotiate karmic contracts, and move to the next level. Nineteen years ago, on August 6, 1990, there was a lunar eclipse at 13°47’ Aquarius–Leo. What was happening in your life back then? What is most important now? More recently, on January 31, 1999, there was a lunar eclipse at 12ยบ’ Leo–Aquarius, and on February 5, 2000, a solar eclipse at 16° Aquarius, both close to the degree of this eclipse. What were you involved with back then? Where do you need to shine your light now? Like a piece of glass in a kaleidoscope, we each reflect light in our own way and are also part of a larger design. Leo represents our individual piece, the kind of light we came to shine; Aquarius, the complex patterns formed by all coming together." Thank you to Stephanie Austin for her

There is this secret alchemical piece of magic where--when we find our own personal light, our dharma, our frequency, resonance, musical note, and we play it fully, and we follow our bliss, find our creative source and express it, find our passion, our "tree" as Julia Butterfly Hill puts it. WHEN we find this thing--this Leo part of ourselves, we then FIT into the larger whole, perfectly. We must find our authentic unique self in order to find our perfect place in the fabric of the whole. This little light o mine, i'm goin to let it shine!!! This little light o mine, i'm going to let it shine!!! This little light o mine, i'm going to let it shine!! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!!!!

May you receive the blessings of your next phase of powerful life on the day of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!!

Photo of lunar eclipse cycle: thanks to: tizianoj on Flickr

Eclipse readings available:
$25 for 20 minutes over the phone

Monday, July 27, 2009


Tuesday, July 28th
Today is the midpoint between two eclipses. It is a POWER DAY. The energies are "stepping up." I'm thinking of this full moon lunar eclipse as a "Total eclipse of the heart!"
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (the third bookend on a three eclipse series) is on August 5th at 6:55PM MDT at 13 degrees Aquarius, opposite the Sun at 13 degrees Leo.

The First Quarter Moon is the actual midpoint between the Total Solar Eclipse on July 21 and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5th. This half-way point between two power eclipses is at 4pm MDT Tuesday (today).

Its good not to rush or push during this time. Its best to allow creation to happen through us with extra peace, because eclipses are volatile territory. It is however, also POWER territory. You/we may feel the extra amplitude of power running through us as this moon waxes toward full.

We are the creators of the next era, what will we create? (or will "we" remain apathetic?) This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will ask us to come into balance in a very personal way, by showing us where we are out of balance through some creative means. (Leo/Aquarius axis)

This is a Humanitarian Eclipse, lighting up the threshold to the Age of Aquarius. The Solar Eclipse on July 21 was empowering the Divine Feminine. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will focus more on the Divine Masculine in relationship with the Divine Feminine. We need a balance between the two to succeed!

Lets invite a revolution in masculine/feminine vibrational altitude! This eclipse has the power to elevate the relationship between masculine and feminine on earth. I'm praying for balance in the current dynamic and the end of all forms of violence, transforming into reciprocity, collaborative and win/win dynamics.

A wonderful piece of work at this eclipse: elevating masculine and feminine to divine masculine and divine feminine. How can we continue to support each other to rise above our unconsciousness and into divinity?

Top Photo: "Moon And Stars" --"Joiseyshowaa" Thank you!
Bottom Photo: "In Our Hands" thanks to "rogilde" and Flickr

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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day AFTER the Total Solar Eclipse

Today is a magical day, and i want to share the depth of magic woven in the stars today, for our empowerment! There was the second of three Jupiter Chiron conjunctions within 15 minutes of sunrise!

Just as this Solar Eclipse is the midpoint between three eclipses, this Jupiter/Chiron conjunction is the midpoint between three conjunctions which stretch from May to December. One can look at these three eclipses and these three conjunctions and see that it is one giant healing pattern! The cosmos is healing us!

Yesterday and today is the peak and middle of this star pattern!!!! What power that the cosmos aligned the midpoint of
three eclpses--Total Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Cancer, with the midpoint of three Jupiter/Chiron conjunctions, on the Feast Day of Magdalene!

These Jupiter Chiron conjunctions weave themselves through conjunctions with Neptune all year. This is a year of healing our wounds around Divinity and God/Goddess. Its time to expand our ideas about God and ourselves! How do we elevate our imperfect same and/or opposite sex, into its divinity? Every time Jupiter makes a conjunction with Chiron, like this morning, there is an opportunity to expand our capacity for divinity and for healing.

The first Jupiter/Chiron conjunction was May 23rd, at 25 Aquarius, the day before the Feast of the three Mary's. The second conjunction, this morning at 26 Aquarius is the morning of the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, and the third takes place at 22 Aquarius on December 7th, 2009, leading us into the Christmas season. When i noticed this Chiron/Jupiter conjunction with the eclipse, I got excited at our astrological menu for healing and transformation. The timing with Mary Magdalene's Feast Day was sweet, then when i went back to see the date of the first conjunction and noticed it was within 24 hours of another Mary feast day, i saw the magic being woven by our archetypal hallographic cosmos. This series of three Chiron/Jupiter conjunctions, emitting an energy of expansion, magic and healing are linked with the Magdalene related feast days this year. This eclipse lunar cycle, which began yesterday, will peak at the full moon lunar eclipse on August 5, and unwind down to the dark moon just before another new moon on August 20th. This time is woven with the healing of the divine feminine. This is an energetic opportunity for us to take on some of the unconsciousness and collective wounding that has resulted from a few thousand years of the blatent removal of the sacred feminine, from consciousness.

Below is the experience of Joan Norton who writes about Mary Magdalen's Feast Day:

Here comes my "moment". I learned that Mary Magdalene was the only biblical woman in the original Book of Common Prayer, put together in 1549 when the Reformation was happening. Jesus' mother was there only in the context of other stories, but Mary Magdalene was celebrated by herself and for herself. She had her July 22 Feast Day celebration with prayers, readings, customs, and church services dedicated to her. She was the only women of whom this was true. She had been celebrated this way in the English speaking world for eight centuries. Three years later in the Book of Common Prayer she was gone, no mention of her as the most prominent woman in Christianity, the "First Lady". She was simply disappeared, taken off the shelf and and off the calendar, her July 22 Feast Day no longer existed for the Protestent churches. She was in the official story and then she was simply taken out of the official story. End of story. That was my "moment", my sobering moment of realizing one more time how easy it has been to disappear the Sacred Feminine from the story. Just write her out. But of course, she's not a character in a story, she's God as much as Jesus is God and human beings can't just decide it isn't so.

Thanks to Joan Norton, for her information on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day.

Yes, well on this Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, on July 22nd, 2009, there is a potent healing aspect, and I invite you to "rewrite your own history," to include the "divine feminine." Invite her into your heart, your altar, your dinner table today. Today, I celebrate the magic and power of God in feminine form--Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, once written out of history, now being written back in.

More secrets soon to be revealed as eclipses and planetary conjunctions conspire.

Photo credits: Mary Magdalene statue: Andrionni Ribo
Three Red Tulips: "quapan"

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, July 21 at 8:35pm, will be a total solar eclipse--the middle of three eclipses this season! This power new moon eclipse sits between two full moon lunar eclipses, one on each side, the powerful midpoint of the whole eclipse field this summer.

We had a full moon lunar eclipse on July 7th at 15 Cancer and Capricorn. This is a focus in our home and work lives--they are up for revision and change.

We'll have another full moon lunar eclipse on August 5th at 13 Aquarius and Leo.

These three consecutive eclipses will be some of the most powerful forces we have to work with this year. This Kali power is the power to make the changes we have wanted to make, build the bridges we've wanted to build, eliminate the things we've been wanting but unable to eliminate. These eclipses are touching into Pluto--our power, especially in how we express this power of life through our families, our children, our food systems, our money and banking system and our basic work infrastructure. Basic structures are in question.

Where is the power and where does it need to be? The eclipses will be assisting with some of this redistribution of power. This is going on inside of us--the kicking out of the corrupt guys--as well as on a country and world level. The old eclipse adage, "three days before an eclipse and ten days after, expect earthquakes and the death of Kings." The earthquakes happen internally also and the death of kings, is related to the death of our ego.

It is NOT a time to begin important things unless they are happening in a way that seems as if they take no individual effort, they are simply "happening through us." In other words, if our ego has a plan during an eclipse field, it likely will fail. If spirit moves through us during an eclipse season we may feel so empowered we are lit up like lightbulbs of clarity. This kind of clarity is available and possible during an eclipse. These eclipse windows were feared by the ancients and are loved by those who know how to manage invisible and changing power. This energy is GREAT for clearing out the old, facing difficult people--who may be placed before us, making improvement changes we have not been able to make before.

Many spiritual teachers say eclipses magnify the power of our thoughts a hundred-fold. Tuesday is a day to RESPECT as a POWER to manage with reverence and intention. This eclipse is a new moon, so the beginning of a whole new cycle of creation!! It is the longest eclipse (six minutes) to happen in hundreds of years before and after--so i hear!

Eclipses are our powerful allies for change. We can work with them by using their power to be Kali in our life, with a sharp clear sword that is ready to cut away the things that are bad for the whole. We may see the parts of self that we will now outgrow. Now is a great time to make an evolutionary leap with the least amount of effort--because the whole cosmos is doing it with us.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

These are sacred portals, of death, birth, and resurrection. These three things are mysteries. Eclipses take us to the edges of our mysteries, this could be edges of fear or limitation, OR edges of grace or profound magic. With humility and persistent attention to what we "know," we can overcome almost any limitation in these portals of power. These are portals to be respected and even ritualized.

It is a day of the birth of new things. These things are being birthed at the very end of the sign of Cancer 29 degrees. New things being birthed in the composting crumbling deconstructing old. "Its the end of an era and we live in a dying empire--hey, --lets start something new!" That's the spirit of this eclipse!! Death is all around, and yet, flowers still grow out of the compost. Are you a flower or are you a composting old piece of empire?

I know i have both empire and flower inside. Darth Vadar, Luke and the whole team are all inside--right. So this eclipse is one of those mythic portals where what used to be, changes, radically, in the course of a few months, or a season!! Luke confronts his father, Darth Vader, finds heart, takes off the mask, faces his father's death, and his own darkness. We have the power to confront our own darkness and overcome it.

Remember to handle heavy machinery and our bodies WITH CARE and SPECIAL ATTENTION at this time, in the eclipse field, all the way through August 20th. Care and Corefulness. Utilize the energy for radical change and overturning the compost for new life. Blessings on all those who are crossing over and all those who are helping others cross over. Bless those who are kissing the edges of life and death--may you deepen and come back more soulful! Bless our shadow and our light, may they balance each other out into a beautiful expression of human art! May our masculine and feminine (sun and moon) finally find the ways to nourish each other as we hit our Second New Moon in Cancer this year!! Here comes Mama!

In the eclipse field,
May the Source Be With You,

Azlan White

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy New Moon in Gemini!!!

This Hubble Space Image so reminds me of the spirit of this new moon in Gemini! A new birth--twin intentions!!! As we step into a new creative cycle, we have yet another opportunity to revise, start over, create anew!! Especially with mercury retrograde, there is a feeling for many people, in some area of life . . . "this or that" is not how i want to do it--especially over the last few days. So, today is the ultimate "reset" button day!! We can say "Reset!!" I choose to do it "this" way--instead, i'm going to "start over" in a new way that will really work better in the long run. Welcome to our whole new life, beginning TODAY!!! Happy New Moon in Gemini!!! I love Gemini energy because it is happy!! So a day to plant seeds of joy! What seeds can we plant today that will lead to our fullest expressions of joy at the full moon in two weeks? (our fruition and flowering for this new moon seed today) Hooorrrayyyy!!!

May your heart seeds be planted in the rich soulful soil of the collective dark sky of archetypal human consciousness!! And when this seed of today, planted in "yesterday's dark night," flowers at the Full Moon, may your flowering be a fullness of joyful emergence into your heart's untapped potentials for expanded states of joy!!

Note: I will be updating this blog again, now. I was evaluating how to share these stories and for now, this will do.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Moon Solar Eclipse - 12:55AM MST, January 26th

Trickster eclipse!!
This new moon solar eclipse is conjunct jupiter and mercury. Peak visioning time this is. It is important to envision and call forth our heart's deepest callings.

Losses and true grief, when shared with a community, open deeper heart contact with the world around us. Deeper Heart Contact is what this eclpse is calling for. On the Leo-Aquarius axis, over the next 28 days, we have the power and attention traverse the unresolved places in our hearts, for healing. Deep healings are possible in the realm of our greater community, as a new moon solar eclipse walks us day by day for two weeks, into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse opposite a Sun in Aquarius conjunct Chiron--wounded healer. This eclipse cycle seems to herald in the heart that it will take, to bring in a new era. This eclipse is asking us to herald in a heart that can reach into the dark unjust places and bring peace and healing. Eclipses are death-rites of passage. May all of the death's serve life.

Celebrate the death of clutter. Death of unclarity. Death of illusion. Death of an old way of doing relationship. Death to my consumerist tendencies. Death to all the places that are not celebrating life.

Eclipse--"best practices" guide:
Utilize the power of the eclipse to speak truth, expose shadow and allow radical change.
Danger--volatile territory--use caution. Its important to be deeply connected to feelings, intuition, inner truth and gut impulses.
Pay attention and STAY AWAKE. If you space out during an eclipse period--for the next month--you can hurt yourself--so be wise and stay awake!!
Recreate, recreate, recreate.

Photo Credit: Harbor Area Designs

Monday, January 5, 2009

Changing Systems

Happy New Years!!!!!
May we be divine in 2009!!

This is a year of changing systems!!!!

Like everything, i am in the midst of reviewing different systems of delivering this information!!

I'm shifting to a monthly digital newsletter. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please e-mail me at: with "astrology newsletter" in the subject line.

May your changing of systems this year be graceful as Saturn opposes Uranus.

I may continue to post blogs here at "poignant moments." Thank you for visiting.

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Happy New 2009 Creation Cycle--may the alchemy of your life be blessed!!!!!

Photo credit: TomSwift46 on Flickr, "Nature's Cardiavascular System."