Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full Moon in Gemini and Uranus Stationing - "Like Magic"


This FULL MOON in Gemini, polarized with a bright fiery SUN in SAGittarius, exact Tuesday thirty minutes after midnight, Mountain time, will bring to light all the forms of "magic," that we experience and the places where we may need to transform or temper "magic," and where we need to honor the magic. Like a hummingbird's wings are magic, nature reveals to us unbelievable miracles of LIFE every day.

On the other side of the spectrum, our cell phones seem to happen "like magic," and yet we may find, if we watch this documentary film: Full Signal, that the magic of cell phones, may not be so life-giving. This technology may need TEMPERING!!


GEMINI is the TWINS!!!! The Twins are our allies. They are our TWO FACES. We all have an evil twin and an angelic twin. Like we have our shadow and our light we all contain a liar in us. Gemini is the liar in its darkest moments and angels wings lifting us, in its lightest moments. Humor is a Gemini higher expression and gossip is a Gemini Devil. We may notice all kinds of Geminian archetypal highlights, like "unusual partnerships," for better and for worse. This is a great time to find "unlikely allies." It is also a time to keep tabs on the corrupt ones who might be wreaking havoc at this full moon. Gemini is either lying, telling stories, or using the love of speaking to speak the truth and bring justice. This Full Moon, notice where each one is on that spectrum, as you move through the world. Who is lying, who is telling us beautiful stories and who is bringing truth and justice?

Justice or "just us?" With Saturn in Libra, we can count on extra power for JUSTICE. We are at the beginning of a two year phase of JUSTICE with SATURN in LIBRA. Every one of us may find a piece of work in the area of "bringing justice" over the next two years. Full Moon will trine this fresh new Saturn in Libra--bringing into sharp focus, like our own sword, the ways in which we ourselves can be involved in bringing and protecting justice. Of course each one has his/her own idea of justice--that is the conversation of this full moon and this next two years of Saturn in Libra.

Gemini is connected with planet Mercury who is the Magician in the Tarot. Mercury is our words, our thoughts and our public speaker, in the neighborhood and in the city council meetings. What do we have to SAY? This full moon in Gemini will have us talking--each in our own way!! Cheers!!! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah !!!!! hopefully leading to "Ah Hah!!"

MEANWHILE, on the day of FULL MOON, which is TUESDAY (late night is full moon), however in the middle of the day, planet URANUS, planet of invisible technologies, invisible beings, invisible energy, lightning, our own genius, breakthroughs, shocking things, things that happen "all of a sudden," will go DIRECT, after months of retrograde at 1:37 pm MST. Uranus went retrograde on July 1st--a five month retrograde period is now ending, and this invisible force within and without will move "forward" once again.

On the Monday before this planetary station, planet MERCURY SQUARES URANUs, at 12:52pm MST. This tension square could be a "wake up call" or a day of truth-telling or lots and lots of communications!!! This is tension for our WORK!!

When something that was invisible, or "unknown," is all of the sudden visible, or "known." This Uranian transition can be revelatory, shocking or both. This is LIVING HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL ENERGY . . . energy with the power to break through any old problem, or arise with the genius needed now. This next few days calls for us to be COREFUL and AWAKE about how we manage this powerful force of change!!!! We have genius capacity and we have so much electricity that we need to take care with driving and operating anything electrical.

We can choose to utilize these increased energies and capacities now, to make breakthrough's in our life's work, supported by the Full Moon trine to Saturn in Libra.

PLANET URANUS going direct, is like each one's own COMING OUT PARTY!! Inner Dork, Alcoholic, Revolutionary, Genius or Freak, this is each one's own SEASON OF COMING OUT of our own personal closet!!!!!

Happy Uranus Changing Full Moon Window!!! May we fly on angels wings and find the strength to temper and transform harmful magic and cultivate life-giving magic.

If you would like to find WHERE your own personal URANUS COMING OUT PARTY is happening in your own chart, or WHERE the upcoming ECLIPSE will happen, or how this FULL MOON could play out in your life--with options to choose from of course!! Its good to be informed of what is possible!! CAll 505-920-0199 to schedule an astrology reading. Many Many Blessings!! And May the Source Be With You!!!

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Full Signal, having its WORLD PREMIERE here in SANTA FE, at the Santa Fe Film Festival!!
This WEDnesday evening, Dec. 2nd, at De Vargas Cinema at 7:30pm--buy tickets through the Santa Fe Film Festival.

Full Signal Trailer:

In Santa Fe, Telecommunications Laws are being revised in January, to comply with a 1996 revision to Federal Telecommunications Laws, that it is "illegal to consider health issues when addressing telecommunications development." Most cities in the country, if they have not already been asked to comply with this federal law, they are now being asked to change their laws to comply. Santa Fe's local telecommunications law, the latest "revision," planned, includes a clause that allows telecommunications companies to put cell towers or equipment of any kind on ANYONE's PERSONAL PROPERTY AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. A group of local citizens is concerned about the health issues related to increased cell phone tower installment, as well as plans to install city-wide wireless, including wireless transmitters, which could be installed aNYWHERE, without notice to property owners. To learn more, please attend the above film.
If you would like to be kept informed of when there are meetings related to this issue, or would like to be connected with more information, please e-mail me at and i will pass your name on to the organizers of the local santa fe meetings about this.
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Thank you to the photographers!
Amyn Kassam for the Hummingbird
and Smith on Flickr, for the Cell Phone Tower
Both photographs in the Creative Commons

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