Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fiesty Full Moon in Gemini - December 12

The self talkative Full Moon in Gemini, at 20 degrees, will stand opposite a sun in Sagittarius that is connected to Mars on one side and Dark moon Lilith on the other. The exact time of the Full Moon is 6:29am MST on Friday December 12th. This means the peak night is Thursday, December 11th. By the night of the 12th, the moon will have peaked in the morning and will be waning. Early friday morning is our flowering moment for this lunar cycle. Meanwhile mercury is conjunct Pluto having just moved into zero Capricorn, also near the sun, and the FULL MOON alignment. While this mercury is near pluto, we will find an intensity to the realm of our mind. Extra caution is advised on the mouth during this holiday season. Speak to the soul, with that mercury conjunct pluto, it can be a deep and soulful time. There can also be deep anger, or shadow, so watch the underbelly of speaking pluto. Pluto's power is pure, its up to us how we manifest it through our speech this week as mercury and pluto come together, with the light and expansion of the Full Moon. Our words will be supercharged--so lets use that power with skill for joy and upliftment of our souls, rather than digging up old shadows, conflicts or wounds. The Full moon creates a T-Square with Saturn opposing Uranus. We are experiencing the breaking down of convention in any area where it is holding us back from solutions, truth or creativity. Uranian idealists are also finally getting it together to put business plans and organization together to create the new structures that will support this new golden age that we've heard of for so long . . . This dawning Age of Aquarius. This full moon is a bit of a crisis of organization with Saturn in the T-Square. Its time to Re-organize so that things function more smoothly for this upcoming age of Aquarius and what it means to new business.
When the full moon in Gemini highlights our self looking at our "other self," we have moments of confrontation, and moments where we seem to stand on opposite sides of an issue. Sometimes, all we can do, is laugh at how seriously we take ourselves. Ideas can change, polarized thought is two sides of a wheel. The whole wheel is kept moving by some mysterious force of creation and its important to honor the way each force, each place on the wheel, even when they are opposite positions on the wheel--is important for the health of the whole. Our uniqueness and diversity is the secret to our success and healing in the new time. As we have compassion for each other's differences, we can celebrate the power in diversity!!!!!!
Its a busy time of year. . . . as we hit this Full Moon in Gemini for the year . . . . do you find your selve with Two many projects? Ever feel like this man, with his twins, like you've been left with two projects and you only have two arms and . . . .
those are the times we're in. You can do it. You are stepping into superhero status!! Pluto shifting from fire to earth is turning us all into super hero's to deal with the increasing intensity and acceleration we are experiencing in time and in our lives. May the source of . . . . "yes you can!" be with you!!! Happy Full Moon.

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Photo Credits:
1. Twin Palms - thanks to "Extra Medium" on Flickr
2. "Two Brothers" the photo of lions--thanks to "Tambako the Leopard" on Flickr
3. "Two arms, No waiting," thanks to McBeth on Flickr

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today is a gorgeous and cosmic day! December 1st, 2008. We are just in this crescent waxing moon phase, with the moon conjunct venus and jupiter, in Capricorn. We are paving the way, now for the new world. Our dreams are being born. Can you feel them inside? This is a pregnant moment. As the moon ascends toward the peak of fullness, and polarized opposition with the sun in Sagittarius--we will move into talkative Gemini and celebratory Sagitarius full moon and Holy Day Season!!!!! It is a deeply beautiful, expansive time full of possibility, and potential for new life. Dream big, it is possible. Much love, Azlan, sky-feeler. Thank you to Steve Crane for the photograph, taken Dec. 1, 2008. Azlan White is available for year-long transit report readings for $150 per session. Please e-mail to schedule a session. Expanded Manifest Blessings!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


If you are asking, what is happening in the sky right now, it is two things. The bottom of a very powerful lunar cycle--at the low, take it all away, let it all go point, as well as we are in the bottom of a fifteen year Pluto in Sagittarius journey--whew! Time to let go of everything we don't need as we move into high intensity manifestation phase. See the other blog about PLUTO below for more info. Thanksgiving Day is the turning of the lunar cycle and the Pluto walk into Capricorn. Deep Powerful Blessings to all that we've ever visioned, or imagined. May the beautiful things be so, may the fearful things be released like the drops of sweat falling from the angels, collected by the cosmos and recycled into light.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Moon in Sagittarius with Gratitude

November 27, Thanksgiving Day, in the morning, is a New Moon in Sagittarius. This Thanksgiving Day--Pluto, planet of our power, is changing archetypes from fire to earth. What a Thanksgiving!!!!! Very POWERFUL!!!!!! Like this rainbow, arcs down to this path, each of us has been walking our path, for the last fifteen years. Pluto in sagittarius has taken each of us through some kind of deep soul's initiation and we've been tested as to what we really value at our core. We ARE manifesting our dreams, as Pluto moves into Capricorn at the New Moon in Sagittarius, on Thanksgiving Day. "Push off of the shore, into the middle of the river, see who is in there with you, and celebrate." Pluto, moving from fire to earth is a transition that we will ALL FEEL!!! It will be exciting!! We will see all that we've been devoted to unfurling in front of us. Our thoughts will more quickly manifest. This Hafiz poem, below, speaks to the energy of this transition ahead, as Pluto moves into Capricorn, and the New Moon begins a whole new creative cycle in Sacred Fiery sagittarius.

If the falling of a hoof
Ever rings the temple bells,

If a lonely man's final scream
Before he hangs himself
And the nightengale's perfect lyric
Of happiness
All become an equal cause to dance,

Then the Sun has at last parted
Its curtain before you--

God has stopped playing child's games
With your mind
And dragged you backstage by
The hair,

Shown to you the only possible

For this bizarre and spectacular

Go running through the streets
Creating divine chaos,

Make everyone and yourself ecstatically mad
For the Friend's Beautiful open arms,

Go running through this world
Giving love, giving love,

If the falling of a hoof upon this earth
ever rings the temple bell

--Hafiz, The Gift, "If the falling of a hoof."
--Thank you to Sky#Walker and Flickr for the photo

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prepare to Butterfly - Full Moon in Taurus

We approach Full Moon in Taurus, which is reflecting the light of a Sun in Scorpio at 11:17PM MST. This axis holds our places of power. Our landlord relationships, our sexual relationships and our creditor relationships especially will come into focus. The sun in scorpio is lighting up our power. As the moon in Taurus creates the dynamic peak of full moon light, we are humbled in the truth of our shortcomings and our grace. Many of us were melted down in the eclipses of August, Spilled onto the fields in September with good service and work, and are now coming to a point where we are facing our real transformation for the winter. A real final let go of the old form and the emerging of the new butterfly. Let go and look for grace is the best advice for such a power moon. Align the power with divine power. Ask for foregiveness and give foregiveness to those who misuse power. Create grace for others.

This is THE full moon for alchemizing finances, sexual energy and our core true power. THIS IS THE TIME, in the next few days, to finish the budget and ASK for the money. It is time to send out the annual report, or make the important connections. It is time to empower others with our own graced wings to remind them to fly too.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day -Nov 4 Waxing Power Moon

On election day, The North Node is in Aquarius conjunct Chiron. It is clear that Obama is the future of America and of the whole world, however, this is our achilles heel. We have a wound in our Aquarian hope. We are now embarking upon a healing journey for the Aquarian in America. It is the destiny of this country and this world to move into the age of Aquarius and make choices based on the good of the whole. It is not clear whether this transition will take place on election day, or later, as the people of this country find a way to command and claim justice, the way people in Kenya fought for justice when their election was stolen around this time last year.

Just before dawn, at the most powerful time for prayer and meditation of the day, on Election Day, Saturn opposes Uranus at 6:35 am, MST. The polarity is between the old rigid patriarchy and the radical change makers. Uranus will catalyze Saturn to change and Saturn will ground Uranian inventiveness into the earth. Uranus is retrograding for this opposition, while Saturn is direct. On Nov. 27, Uranus goes direct at 18 degrees of Pisces. This shift in direction for Uranus will act like a uranian arrow for truth, freedom and the collective good. If the election is stolen, the justice-makers will spring forth to save the day. If Obama is in office, the Uranus going direct will reveal radical change. Lightning will strike the old crusty things and we will see change big and bright. The ashes of the old ways will provide nutritional yeast for new life.

At dawn, the moment the sun hits the eastern horizon, on November 4th, election day, mars will be at 21 degrees of Scorpio in the first house. We will face our male power, male shadow, and hopefully overcome the face of deception. This scorpionic beginning of the day, has us meeting the face of power in our collective American consciousness or unconsciousness.

The moon is void-of-course, just before entering Aquarius, all day on election day. The moon enters aquarius in the evening at 5:01 pm MST. The first aspect to bring the moon back "on-course" is a moon square mercury aspect. The moon arrives into Aquarius in a tension aspect to Mercury--planet of communication, and could feel irritated because something is off in the communications systems. This could mean extra work in the communications process, or the election process. At noon on election day, Jupiter and the Moon in Capricorn rise in the east. Things could look good at that point. by 3 or 5 pm, when Uranus rises opposing Saturn setting in the west, we could find ourselves facing a revolution. This will either be a peaceful revolution, or a revolution that takes a little bit of work and strategy. This is a mystery.

By 5:56 am on Wednesday, November 5th, there is grace with a Venus sextile Neptune. This aspect is enough to surround the whole election with grace and a mysterious feminine "oiling of the sharp places." With a landslide, or with Obama, a loveslide, there will be no way for the coroding establishment to successfully steal the election.

At 9:03pm on Wednesday the 5th, Moon square's Sun. In this square, we cross over the tension point of waxing moon, now headed toward the bright illuminating power of a Full Moon in Taurus, on the axis of the Scorpio Sun. We will see the fruits of our labors and our manifestation of collective power in one week from now, on the Full Moon on Wednesday, November 12th.
We may have to work for this bright light and claiming of our authority and our power. The square on Wednesday evening, Movember 5th, is a work point. We work hard for the fruits of the full moon in one week, on November 12 at 11:17pm PST/12:17 am on Nov.13 in MST. This upcoming full moon will be at 20 degrees Taurus, opposite a Sun at 20 degrees of Scorpio.

Our guide through this next week will be the Pheonix. May the source be with you. May we celebrate the dawning of the light in the white house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 23 Waning toward a New Moon in Scorpio

The moon is waning in a cycle that was about freeing ourselves of unhealthy or unbalanced relationship. We are just finishing the lunar cycle that began with a new moon in Libra. There is an evolutionary archetypal shift between relationships of attachment, versus relationships of unconditional love. Now is the time to focus on unconditional love, which is "loving no matter what."

Now, the moon wanes into the dark insecure time, when we need deeper rest and we need each other to hold the light as we dip into the shadow side of our own personal lunar natures. The moon is in virgo now and will spend its darkest low point in the sign of libra, where it started--for our final relationship purification and release. From Saturday night through Tuesday, we are in a time of releasing, letting go and purification or deep rest and recuperation. If we have impulses to rest, its good to honor them.

The new moon is in Scorpio on October 28. This new moon is near a mars in scorpio. This cycle, we will be bringing solar light to masculine power and misuse of power. Scorpio is the realm of sex, death, other people's money, taxes, credit, and deep shamanic or psychological transformation. Scorpio is connected with the archetype of the phoenix who rises from the ashes of death, transformed. The pure power of scorpio can be as high as grace and miracles, as mundane as tax forms, or as low as our darkest human shadows and misuses of power.

With all of this knowledge we have of how power can manifest, it is our responsibility to expose the misuses of power we see, whether they are in our mates, our political leaders, or our electoral voting machines. At the same time, at this new moon, we want to expose our own misuses of power, which tend to look like forms of self-oppression, fear, obsession, lack, greed, or jealousy. Feelings of jealousy point to our deepest purest desires. This is the lunar cycle to be aware of all of the ways that we get tripped up in our power. During this new moon in scorpio we can claim our power in alignment with integrity and build a power base that is unstoppable in moving toward its goal. When our purpose is aligned with the desires of life itself and the cosmos, we can experience an alignment between our personal power and the grace of the universe. This can be our intention for this new moon. We have two weeks, from the new moon on Tuesday night, October 28, while the moon waxes toward the flowering of this power alchemy, at the full moon.

This new moon photo was taken by Alireza Teimoury in Esfahan, Iran
I was seeking a new moon near power lines, because that is how i see the scorpio new moon. Power lines have become a symbol for me of Scorpio and Pluto. This photo was accompanied by a poem that carries the themes of the scorpio archetype, so i include it here. This poem can be found on flickr.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Poem by Alireza Teimoury:
In my dreams I'm dying all the time
As I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
So this is goodbye
This is goodbye
Tell the truth you never wanted me
In my dreams I'm jealous all the time
As I wake I'm going out of my mind
Going out of my mind
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Obsession, jealousy, lying and death are all potential manifestations of scorpio power. It is good to be aware that grace, deep healing, transformation, the gifting of financial resources, and sexual ecstacy also live in the realm of scorpio. It is the season of scorpio and time to choose how we will manifest, express or heal our deep scorpionic sexual creative power. This is a perfect cycle to trade places of shame and resentment for foregiveness and generosity of spirit.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6th week - Emerging New Form

Our financial systems need to learn from nature. We, personally, may handle our current transformation, better than our financial institutions. Something died during the eclipse period in August. Something else, in us, or around us, crawled into a cocoon of some kind. We are living through multiple layers of transformation. Political systems, financial systems, banking systems are all being asked to adapt and evolve, yet more important than this, is the deep changes that each of us is going through, on the level of our own personal psyche.

The moon is waxing, rising in creative juice, rising in empowerment for our life's creations. The new moon on September 29, in Libra, initiated a cycle about partnership in its purest form. In its purest form, partnership is about mutually beneficial cameraderie. This mutually beneficial cameraderie can be for a work, a healing, a learning, or a loving. We are in a shamanic process while mercury is retrograde, through October 15. Meanwhile, we have a flowering of lunar support for our creativity, at the Full Moon on October 14th. Always there are layers and layers of movement happening inside of us, and inside of our creative unfolding lives.

Over the next week, more of these changes will be coming to fruition as the moon waxes to full moon on Tuesday, October 14 at 2:02 pm MDT. With Mercury going direct the next day, on the 15th, this full moon and the three week mercury retrograde period are invoking a transformation for all of us in the realm of relationship. We've all been worked over by our mates this past three weeks, and this upcoming week. We will change how we are relating to others. We need to evolve with the forces of the universe. This means we let go, we set free, and whatever "returns to us," is meant to be. If we use this opportunity to "cut all cords," then we can see which threads are still alive and weaving a beautiful co-creation. These relationships which survive because of their active creativity in our lives, are the relationships we need at this time. All other relationships, especially relationships that enforce our own self-oppressive tendencies, can be released now. For best results, have courage, and let go, with love and faith in what is meant to be.

Tuesday morning around 4am MDT, Venus will square Chiron. This is a powerful work of healing art. There will be tension for our healing, in the air. We can ground this healing by listening for, "what is this in me? Can i accept my deepest wounds and celebrate how each pain is a well of depth and connection with spirit and utilizable power?" In our most excruciating pain, we find our deepest soul, yearning for reconnection with the whole.

What we ourselves wish for, we are here to give others. This Libran lunar cycle along with a mercury retrograding in Libra is healing us from fragmentation, from separation, and from the loss of soul. This healing art week will not be without pain, because Chiron is deep. Wherever our deepest pain is, it is arising so we can see it and feel it. Can we make something so painful, sacred? The challenges this week are to be as truthful as possible in relationship and to make the difficult places sacred.

This week is a time to touch the parts of self that need to be healed and freed of oppression, especially self oppression. Its time to come out of the cocoon. Sometimes we have to touch this oppression, or touch our deepest wound, so the power of it can emanate out in a way that contributes to its ultimate resolution and healing. Tuesday morning, A Venus square to Chiron at 4:00am MDT is asking us to touch the wounds that have held us back from being our most expressive and loving selves in the world. We need to touch and accept the ways we've felt wounded, and see where and how we've created shelters to enforce these wounds, instead of creating rivers to heal them with. For example, if we have pain from not feeling accepted for our uniqueness, we may conform to someone else's ideas or standards, and override deep and true parts of ourselves. Now is the time to touch the parts of self that have been covered over by the busyness of today's consumerist automobile driven life, and allow ourselves to feel this particular kind of pain. We can honor the pain of missing the ocean or of wishing we could feel connected to something other than a computer and a clock. This honoring carries power. This power is fuel for our transformation.

Wednesday Oct. 8, Saturn meets Chiron in an uncomfortable conversation about potentially painful limitations or difficult choices. Moon Squares Mars Wednesday at 4:22pm, watch anger and volcano's of feelings related to these limitations. This is a part of our "being cooked" and healing. All of the energy and power of a rising moon squaring a powerful Mars, empowered now by Pluto is a lot of action energy. By taking action we can create resolution in areas that have not been resolved for a long time. We have the power for resolution in this time. On Wednesday evening at 8:34pm MDT, a Sun trine Chiron aspect sheds light and brings a miracle to whatever our chironic inner struggle has been for the last few days. This Wednesday evening is a gift for all of us. Thursday is also a gift. Thursday is a day when we can manifest the power and grace that gratitude brings.

Friday, October 9, A moon conjunct Neptune in the early morning and a moon sextile Pluto in the early evening create a day where we personally are connecting with larger archetypal forces. Friday is a full power day!! The purification struggles of Monday and Tuesday rise into gifts on Thursday and Friday. Friday is the best day of the week to speak to our form of God and receive answers back.

The time from Friday through the Full Moon on October 14 will fly!! There is a lot of high supportive energy unfolding in a way that if we catch this river, we can have some peak moments of creativity, collaboration and manifestation.

Photo Credits: Top: Emerging Monarch, by DMills727 on flickr
Half Moon--by yogi on Flickr

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Moon, Sept. 29, Jewish New Year

This new moon in Libra, at 2:00am MDT opens the curtain, to let in fresh new light, into the chrysalis we've been dangling in since the August eclipses. New light is emerging into our cocoons of deep inner change. We may not even realize how much we have changed since the beginning of the eclipse field, in July. We have all dissolved into a chrysalis. Today this light of the Libra New Moon asks us to clear the slate in our relationship lives, to compost all attachments and expectations into the freedom that allows for true union. When we are truly free, our coming together is blissfully chosen, rather than arriving out of expectation. This new moon begins a whole new journey, we begin to emerge out of the chrysalis, into our new form. Our wings may feel a little clipped, but the fresh innocent new energy of this new moon can rejuvenate even a tired soul.
photo Credit: makelessnoise, flickr

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Equinox!! Sept. 22 Equal night and day!

On September 22nd at 9:45am MDT, we hang in an archetypal balance where life is just right. There is equal night and day. The temperature seems just right, not too hot, not too cold. We have overcome the challenges and insecurity of the eclipse, for the most part, and we can rest for a moment in the gratitude and beauty of life.

Birds are beginning to fly south, kids are back in school, the equinox rolls gently in with the waning last quarter of the lunar cycle. We are unwinding into a deep sweet time for reflection and meditation on how well our projects and creations are doing. With this Fall Equinox, there is a tight mercury/mars conjunction in Libra. With mercury going retrograde in two days, on Wednesday, Sept. 24.
Mercury and Mars can create hot tempers. The libran scales of justice are allies during a fiercely battling political campaign. Use your scales to feel for integrity, use your sword to cut through illusion.

There is a lot of charge right now on communications, especially in relationship. With the sun/moon waning square, in a T-square with Pluto, we are all meeting with some unsettling feelings inside. We are doing some intensive learning with each other. This is a beautiful time to stretch ourselves in our ability to deeply listen to one other and hear beyond the words and differences. There is a beautiful collective yearning in women to both discover and inspire the conscious masculine in the men before us. We must call forth the desire in men, to be their deepest self, with our love of their wisdom and integrity. As this mars meets mercury at 22 Libra on the 22nd of September, the day of equal balance, it prepares to enter the depths of Scorpio. We can be there for the men in our lives for the next month as they enter a deep process of healing. During this next month-long opportunity we can do some deep healing of the masculine presence on the earth and in our personal lives.
Equinoxes are such potent doorways for ceremony and prayer. We can celebrate ourselves as vessels of love, as we work the alchemy of preparing ourselves and our family and community for winter. Even though a waning Pluto Sun square is causing deep insecurities or fears around local and international economies, this energy of equal light and dark is enough to balance away all of our fears with our knowing that we can respond to life, one day at a time. During this equinox season, we can find ourselves having some of the most beautiful moments imaginable.

Remember to take the time to appreciate the stillness and calm of the next week. If you do not have any time for stillness, try to take an extra ten minutes here or there to breathe deeply and honor your body's desire for this deep breathing and deep resting as the moon wanes down to a low energy place by the end of the week.

Azlan is available for personal astrological consultations. Please e-mail

Photo credits: top:"stonebird," flickr; middle: "billogs," flickr; bottom: "cello8," flickr

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harvest Full Moon Season

On September 15, 2008 at 3:13am Mountain Time, The moon was full in the Virgo/Pisces season of preparation and surrender. Today, September 17, the moon has just opposed Mars, Mercury, and will be opposite Venus this morning. In the same way that leaves turn bright colors, right before they drop from the tree, we too are compelled to ripen and bring to fruition, whatever has been growing in our hearts all summer long. Our harvest can be rich with our words, actions and gifts. It is time to share our gifts with our community and world.
Photo Credit: "Wit," Flickr

August Eclipse Rippling into September

On August 1, 2008, there was a solar eclipse at 9 degrees Leo. And on August 16, there was a full moon lunare eclipse in Aquarius. These eclipses happen while the nodal axis is in Leo/Aquarius. South node is in Leo and North node is in Aquarius. This time will focus our attention on whatever creative gift we must share with the world, before we die? What light, what message, what gesture must we share, because if we die and never say it, share it, do it, we'll not be at peace.

Eclipses are fierce like death, and yet gysers of life, fueling our wheels of change. Often during eclipse periods, we feel as if the rug has been "pulled out" because it has. Eclipses push the extremes, seeking balance by pushing the imbalances even further.

I have respect, reverence and great care during eclipse periods. I believe the eclipse period covers three lunar cycles. The 28 day lunation before, during and after the eclipses--essentially three months, with the eclipses in the middle month--which is August. As the moon unwinds to the bottom of this Harvest Moon, post eclipse, third month lunation, we can surrender and come to peace, with deaths that have occurred, difficult decisions we've made and losses we've experienced. We can breathe into our deep changes that are still raw inside of us, emanating out of the August eclipses. For me, the doorway, out of the "eclipse field" is at the next new moon, on September 29th, when we begin a fresh next lunation after the deathforce of the August eclipses.

Photo Credit: Total Solar Eclipse, "nOII", flickr

Mercury Retrograde Sept.24-Oct.15, 2008

Three times a year, for three weeks, the planet mercury appears, from planet earth, to go backwards in our sky. The truth is, mercury is still whizing around the sun, moving forward, but to us mercury is moving backward. These kinds of mis-understandings are more common during the three weeks that mercury is retrograde. Just like this image, each of us lives in our own "telephone head" where we hear what we think we hear and see what we think we see, but in reality, this is our own personal experience. What is communicated between two "telephone heads" can easily be misunderstood. During this three weeks, remember that each of us is in our own head, when we communicate with others. During this time, there are some important guidelines for a more graceful, and even fun time:

1. Always double check dates and times
2. Always have a back-up plan
3. Communicate with extra care
4. Have patience
5. Be flexable
6. Know that mercurial glitches will happen
7. Be able to let go of a fax machine that is not working
8. Stop, breathe, let it go
9. Review whatever needs reviewing
10. Dig into our past to find treasures
11. Notice the syncronicity of our past emerging
12. If you need to, speak to planet mercury about it.

For activists, parents and mates, people's minds are most open to change during a mercury retrograde period than at any other time. Retrograde periods are times of review and rectification with our past. This one is in Libra, the sign of the balancing fall equinox, the place where male and female, self and other, seek to find balance. This three weeks, we will review relationships. This is a perfect time to clean out the closet, releasing the old, to make way for the new. This is a great time to re-pattern, by replacing old patterns with new ways that support our conscious evolution.

During the three weeks between September 24 and October 15, it is best not to sign contracts or begin new projects. If you do either of these things, it is likely you will repeat steps and need to redo things. This is a great time to pull out old projects that needed redoing or that piece of writing that just needs one more edit; a perfect time for re- words, renovation, reconsideration, recognition, remember, re-do, re-calculate, re-negotiate, re-file, re-store, re-write, re-imagine, re-work, respect.

Between September 24 and October 15, your mind will be worked on, by the evolutionary forces of life. If you find you are having a difficult time with communications devices, even your own mind, take it to nature, breathe, and return to devices and communications issues, refreshed. Renewed perspective makes all the difference.

Photo Credits: top: "Loop_oh" on flickr
middle: "malias" on flickr
Bottom: Scenic Telephone Box - "fakelvis" on flickr

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pluto Direct - Power Check

PLUTO DIRECT - On Monday, September 8th, Pluto went direct at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. This retrograde has been a force in our lives since April 2nd, 2008, when Pluto went retrograde at one degree of Capricorn. Pluto had made the transition from Sagittatius to Capricorn, and then, on April 1st/2nd, said, "April Fools! i'm moving back to Sagittarius, there is a little more work to do at the bottom of the Sagittarian barrel of beliefs."

Pluto has been digging deep into our belief system to find any weak links we may have. Wherever we believe we do not have enough power to meet the challenges we face, we see the weak link in our belief system. Those are the places we need to focus on dismantling and rebuilding in this transition, between now and November 26, 2008, When Pluto makes the archetypal shift, for real, into Capricorn, Earth. We may have found ourselves, in one form or another, over this past five months in a pluto initiation of our power or lack of power, or (whatever our story is about our lack of ability to create the world we truly want). This Pluto retrograde purification of old shadow, old victim and old "giving away our power" dynamics, has shown each of us, where and how we give away our power to something which we then feel oppressed by. That whole dynamic happens inside of us. Our personal version of that pattern is what we are being given an opportunity to release. Whatever it was that came up as a challenge, during the month of August, this is our place of powerlessness and purification, our place of release--Now.

From April 2nd through yesterday, we have been in a season of Pluto Retrograde: dust storms of shadow from the past. These shadowy dust storms made it difficult for us to see where we were going. The storms have stirred up a bunch of shadowy dust that is still clearing away. Now, as Pluto is moving direct, it is time for us to once and for all, CLAIM OUR POWER. We must once and for all CLEAR OUR BELIEF STRUCTURE of any victim consciousness. We must claim the truth that every thought, every word and every action is an expression of our power here, and will create and affect. As Pluto moves into Capricorn for real, our thoughts will manifest more profoundly and more deeply. It is time to build the world we have been imagining for the last fifteen years, even if it is one thought, one word, one piece of writing at a time. As this Pluto shift becomes more manifest, we'll have the opportunity, more than ever before, to brick by brick, build the world we dream.
This is a time of cleaning up our beliefs, to prepare for what could be an increased level of power in our Capricornian physical form hands. PLUTO/PURE POWER moves from the realm of FIRE-Sagittarius (imagination/beliefs), to the realm of EARTH-Capricorn (form). During this last fifteen years or so of Pluto in Sagittarius, we have explored all possibilities of how power can manifest through ourselves, or through others, in our imagination. We've imagined all the best and worst scenarios for our future. We have been preparing, in our minds, our beliefs and our friendships all over the world, for this power to move from the realm of the mind, to the realm of the earth. That shift is about to take place from the reference point of our power. PLUTO, Power, in Sagittarius, the sign associated with higher mind and wisdom, has empowered in all of us, great understandings, through our connections to sources of information on the web, other people and other places in the world. As Pluto moves into Capricorn, we will all be asked by the evolutionary forces of our lives, to put all that we know, into practical application on the earth.

The important concept to get, for this transition is the old over said idea: "Every Thought Creates Form." Focus of attention and intention is Power in the Physical world. If we believe we are at the effect of the physical world, then Pluto in Capricorn could be highly oppressive. Now is the time to reprogram the mind. No matter what may have been true until now, Now we get to write the story. We must know that we can effect change in any moment with a thought that will affect the physical world. We ARE that powerful and we must build that into our belief system.