Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Equinox!! Sept. 22 Equal night and day!

On September 22nd at 9:45am MDT, we hang in an archetypal balance where life is just right. There is equal night and day. The temperature seems just right, not too hot, not too cold. We have overcome the challenges and insecurity of the eclipse, for the most part, and we can rest for a moment in the gratitude and beauty of life.

Birds are beginning to fly south, kids are back in school, the equinox rolls gently in with the waning last quarter of the lunar cycle. We are unwinding into a deep sweet time for reflection and meditation on how well our projects and creations are doing. With this Fall Equinox, there is a tight mercury/mars conjunction in Libra. With mercury going retrograde in two days, on Wednesday, Sept. 24.
Mercury and Mars can create hot tempers. The libran scales of justice are allies during a fiercely battling political campaign. Use your scales to feel for integrity, use your sword to cut through illusion.

There is a lot of charge right now on communications, especially in relationship. With the sun/moon waning square, in a T-square with Pluto, we are all meeting with some unsettling feelings inside. We are doing some intensive learning with each other. This is a beautiful time to stretch ourselves in our ability to deeply listen to one other and hear beyond the words and differences. There is a beautiful collective yearning in women to both discover and inspire the conscious masculine in the men before us. We must call forth the desire in men, to be their deepest self, with our love of their wisdom and integrity. As this mars meets mercury at 22 Libra on the 22nd of September, the day of equal balance, it prepares to enter the depths of Scorpio. We can be there for the men in our lives for the next month as they enter a deep process of healing. During this next month-long opportunity we can do some deep healing of the masculine presence on the earth and in our personal lives.
Equinoxes are such potent doorways for ceremony and prayer. We can celebrate ourselves as vessels of love, as we work the alchemy of preparing ourselves and our family and community for winter. Even though a waning Pluto Sun square is causing deep insecurities or fears around local and international economies, this energy of equal light and dark is enough to balance away all of our fears with our knowing that we can respond to life, one day at a time. During this equinox season, we can find ourselves having some of the most beautiful moments imaginable.

Remember to take the time to appreciate the stillness and calm of the next week. If you do not have any time for stillness, try to take an extra ten minutes here or there to breathe deeply and honor your body's desire for this deep breathing and deep resting as the moon wanes down to a low energy place by the end of the week.

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Photo credits: top:"stonebird," flickr; middle: "billogs," flickr; bottom: "cello8," flickr