Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August Eclipse Rippling into September

On August 1, 2008, there was a solar eclipse at 9 degrees Leo. And on August 16, there was a full moon lunare eclipse in Aquarius. These eclipses happen while the nodal axis is in Leo/Aquarius. South node is in Leo and North node is in Aquarius. This time will focus our attention on whatever creative gift we must share with the world, before we die? What light, what message, what gesture must we share, because if we die and never say it, share it, do it, we'll not be at peace.

Eclipses are fierce like death, and yet gysers of life, fueling our wheels of change. Often during eclipse periods, we feel as if the rug has been "pulled out" because it has. Eclipses push the extremes, seeking balance by pushing the imbalances even further.

I have respect, reverence and great care during eclipse periods. I believe the eclipse period covers three lunar cycles. The 28 day lunation before, during and after the eclipses--essentially three months, with the eclipses in the middle month--which is August. As the moon unwinds to the bottom of this Harvest Moon, post eclipse, third month lunation, we can surrender and come to peace, with deaths that have occurred, difficult decisions we've made and losses we've experienced. We can breathe into our deep changes that are still raw inside of us, emanating out of the August eclipses. For me, the doorway, out of the "eclipse field" is at the next new moon, on September 29th, when we begin a fresh next lunation after the deathforce of the August eclipses.

Photo Credit: Total Solar Eclipse, "nOII", flickr

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