Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prepare to Butterfly - Full Moon in Taurus

We approach Full Moon in Taurus, which is reflecting the light of a Sun in Scorpio at 11:17PM MST. This axis holds our places of power. Our landlord relationships, our sexual relationships and our creditor relationships especially will come into focus. The sun in scorpio is lighting up our power. As the moon in Taurus creates the dynamic peak of full moon light, we are humbled in the truth of our shortcomings and our grace. Many of us were melted down in the eclipses of August, Spilled onto the fields in September with good service and work, and are now coming to a point where we are facing our real transformation for the winter. A real final let go of the old form and the emerging of the new butterfly. Let go and look for grace is the best advice for such a power moon. Align the power with divine power. Ask for foregiveness and give foregiveness to those who misuse power. Create grace for others.

This is THE full moon for alchemizing finances, sexual energy and our core true power. THIS IS THE TIME, in the next few days, to finish the budget and ASK for the money. It is time to send out the annual report, or make the important connections. It is time to empower others with our own graced wings to remind them to fly too.

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