Tuesday, November 25, 2008


If you are asking, what is happening in the sky right now, it is two things. The bottom of a very powerful lunar cycle--at the low, take it all away, let it all go point, as well as we are in the bottom of a fifteen year Pluto in Sagittarius journey--whew! Time to let go of everything we don't need as we move into high intensity manifestation phase. See the other blog about PLUTO below for more info. Thanksgiving Day is the turning of the lunar cycle and the Pluto walk into Capricorn. Deep Powerful Blessings to all that we've ever visioned, or imagined. May the beautiful things be so, may the fearful things be released like the drops of sweat falling from the angels, collected by the cosmos and recycled into light.

If you are in Santa Fe, please join us at The Living Tarot this weekend! http://web.mac.com/azlan11/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html

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