Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day -Nov 4 Waxing Power Moon

On election day, The North Node is in Aquarius conjunct Chiron. It is clear that Obama is the future of America and of the whole world, however, this is our achilles heel. We have a wound in our Aquarian hope. We are now embarking upon a healing journey for the Aquarian in America. It is the destiny of this country and this world to move into the age of Aquarius and make choices based on the good of the whole. It is not clear whether this transition will take place on election day, or later, as the people of this country find a way to command and claim justice, the way people in Kenya fought for justice when their election was stolen around this time last year.

Just before dawn, at the most powerful time for prayer and meditation of the day, on Election Day, Saturn opposes Uranus at 6:35 am, MST. The polarity is between the old rigid patriarchy and the radical change makers. Uranus will catalyze Saturn to change and Saturn will ground Uranian inventiveness into the earth. Uranus is retrograding for this opposition, while Saturn is direct. On Nov. 27, Uranus goes direct at 18 degrees of Pisces. This shift in direction for Uranus will act like a uranian arrow for truth, freedom and the collective good. If the election is stolen, the justice-makers will spring forth to save the day. If Obama is in office, the Uranus going direct will reveal radical change. Lightning will strike the old crusty things and we will see change big and bright. The ashes of the old ways will provide nutritional yeast for new life.

At dawn, the moment the sun hits the eastern horizon, on November 4th, election day, mars will be at 21 degrees of Scorpio in the first house. We will face our male power, male shadow, and hopefully overcome the face of deception. This scorpionic beginning of the day, has us meeting the face of power in our collective American consciousness or unconsciousness.

The moon is void-of-course, just before entering Aquarius, all day on election day. The moon enters aquarius in the evening at 5:01 pm MST. The first aspect to bring the moon back "on-course" is a moon square mercury aspect. The moon arrives into Aquarius in a tension aspect to Mercury--planet of communication, and could feel irritated because something is off in the communications systems. This could mean extra work in the communications process, or the election process. At noon on election day, Jupiter and the Moon in Capricorn rise in the east. Things could look good at that point. by 3 or 5 pm, when Uranus rises opposing Saturn setting in the west, we could find ourselves facing a revolution. This will either be a peaceful revolution, or a revolution that takes a little bit of work and strategy. This is a mystery.

By 5:56 am on Wednesday, November 5th, there is grace with a Venus sextile Neptune. This aspect is enough to surround the whole election with grace and a mysterious feminine "oiling of the sharp places." With a landslide, or with Obama, a loveslide, there will be no way for the coroding establishment to successfully steal the election.

At 9:03pm on Wednesday the 5th, Moon square's Sun. In this square, we cross over the tension point of waxing moon, now headed toward the bright illuminating power of a Full Moon in Taurus, on the axis of the Scorpio Sun. We will see the fruits of our labors and our manifestation of collective power in one week from now, on the Full Moon on Wednesday, November 12th.
We may have to work for this bright light and claiming of our authority and our power. The square on Wednesday evening, Movember 5th, is a work point. We work hard for the fruits of the full moon in one week, on November 12 at 11:17pm PST/12:17 am on Nov.13 in MST. This upcoming full moon will be at 20 degrees Taurus, opposite a Sun at 20 degrees of Scorpio.

Our guide through this next week will be the Pheonix. May the source be with you. May we celebrate the dawning of the light in the white house.

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