Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6th week - Emerging New Form

Our financial systems need to learn from nature. We, personally, may handle our current transformation, better than our financial institutions. Something died during the eclipse period in August. Something else, in us, or around us, crawled into a cocoon of some kind. We are living through multiple layers of transformation. Political systems, financial systems, banking systems are all being asked to adapt and evolve, yet more important than this, is the deep changes that each of us is going through, on the level of our own personal psyche.

The moon is waxing, rising in creative juice, rising in empowerment for our life's creations. The new moon on September 29, in Libra, initiated a cycle about partnership in its purest form. In its purest form, partnership is about mutually beneficial cameraderie. This mutually beneficial cameraderie can be for a work, a healing, a learning, or a loving. We are in a shamanic process while mercury is retrograde, through October 15. Meanwhile, we have a flowering of lunar support for our creativity, at the Full Moon on October 14th. Always there are layers and layers of movement happening inside of us, and inside of our creative unfolding lives.

Over the next week, more of these changes will be coming to fruition as the moon waxes to full moon on Tuesday, October 14 at 2:02 pm MDT. With Mercury going direct the next day, on the 15th, this full moon and the three week mercury retrograde period are invoking a transformation for all of us in the realm of relationship. We've all been worked over by our mates this past three weeks, and this upcoming week. We will change how we are relating to others. We need to evolve with the forces of the universe. This means we let go, we set free, and whatever "returns to us," is meant to be. If we use this opportunity to "cut all cords," then we can see which threads are still alive and weaving a beautiful co-creation. These relationships which survive because of their active creativity in our lives, are the relationships we need at this time. All other relationships, especially relationships that enforce our own self-oppressive tendencies, can be released now. For best results, have courage, and let go, with love and faith in what is meant to be.

Tuesday morning around 4am MDT, Venus will square Chiron. This is a powerful work of healing art. There will be tension for our healing, in the air. We can ground this healing by listening for, "what is this in me? Can i accept my deepest wounds and celebrate how each pain is a well of depth and connection with spirit and utilizable power?" In our most excruciating pain, we find our deepest soul, yearning for reconnection with the whole.

What we ourselves wish for, we are here to give others. This Libran lunar cycle along with a mercury retrograding in Libra is healing us from fragmentation, from separation, and from the loss of soul. This healing art week will not be without pain, because Chiron is deep. Wherever our deepest pain is, it is arising so we can see it and feel it. Can we make something so painful, sacred? The challenges this week are to be as truthful as possible in relationship and to make the difficult places sacred.

This week is a time to touch the parts of self that need to be healed and freed of oppression, especially self oppression. Its time to come out of the cocoon. Sometimes we have to touch this oppression, or touch our deepest wound, so the power of it can emanate out in a way that contributes to its ultimate resolution and healing. Tuesday morning, A Venus square to Chiron at 4:00am MDT is asking us to touch the wounds that have held us back from being our most expressive and loving selves in the world. We need to touch and accept the ways we've felt wounded, and see where and how we've created shelters to enforce these wounds, instead of creating rivers to heal them with. For example, if we have pain from not feeling accepted for our uniqueness, we may conform to someone else's ideas or standards, and override deep and true parts of ourselves. Now is the time to touch the parts of self that have been covered over by the busyness of today's consumerist automobile driven life, and allow ourselves to feel this particular kind of pain. We can honor the pain of missing the ocean or of wishing we could feel connected to something other than a computer and a clock. This honoring carries power. This power is fuel for our transformation.

Wednesday Oct. 8, Saturn meets Chiron in an uncomfortable conversation about potentially painful limitations or difficult choices. Moon Squares Mars Wednesday at 4:22pm, watch anger and volcano's of feelings related to these limitations. This is a part of our "being cooked" and healing. All of the energy and power of a rising moon squaring a powerful Mars, empowered now by Pluto is a lot of action energy. By taking action we can create resolution in areas that have not been resolved for a long time. We have the power for resolution in this time. On Wednesday evening at 8:34pm MDT, a Sun trine Chiron aspect sheds light and brings a miracle to whatever our chironic inner struggle has been for the last few days. This Wednesday evening is a gift for all of us. Thursday is also a gift. Thursday is a day when we can manifest the power and grace that gratitude brings.

Friday, October 9, A moon conjunct Neptune in the early morning and a moon sextile Pluto in the early evening create a day where we personally are connecting with larger archetypal forces. Friday is a full power day!! The purification struggles of Monday and Tuesday rise into gifts on Thursday and Friday. Friday is the best day of the week to speak to our form of God and receive answers back.

The time from Friday through the Full Moon on October 14 will fly!! There is a lot of high supportive energy unfolding in a way that if we catch this river, we can have some peak moments of creativity, collaboration and manifestation.

Photo Credits: Top: Emerging Monarch, by DMills727 on flickr
Half Moon--by yogi on Flickr

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  1. Shri Devi,
    I was deeply touched by your eloquent writing. Today brought much of what you anticipated.
    I wish you well...