Monday, November 2, 2009

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!! and Saturn Square Pluto!

TODAY, November 2nd, the moon is FULL!! At 12:14pm MDT there is a peak and change point of light and power, while this radiant reflector of solar light, the moon expands our capacity to create, to flower, and to contact our own power.

In Scorpio we move beyond Libra, the realm of partnership and "other," into deeper levels of relationship that involve money, sex, or deep heart and soul contact. Where do we receive our real sustenance and power? Can you feel Power changing? This Taurus full moon asks us to find resourcefulness and to flower our power!! This is a power flowering time in the year!! Don't forget to flower your power so your personal vehicle is ready to meet with the future in strength and corefulness.
Saturn squaring Pluto already in alignment, and tightening until November 15th, asks us to meet with forces of death and destruction with prayerfulness and wisdom. Death and Destruction provides fertile ground for new life. What is alive that will thrive now, even as "the towers" of America continue to fall?

Saturn Square Pluto reminds me of "True Grit," a phrase a spiritual teacher of mine, Leslie Temple Thurston, has spoken of recently as something we will need in this time. In America, the land of convenience, we are facing a situation that is going to require True Grit. As we move toward Saturn squaring Pluto, this need to be steadfast and solid in our intentions, even as the world may crumble will come to a power point with this square.

Saturn square's Pluto around every seven or eight years, and yet this particular Pluto/Saturn square feels potent as it may initiate or bring about what many sensitive's are calling "a period of chaos." Chaos is an energy that is connected with The Fool, who steps off of the cliff, and is "freefalling" and yet is on his/her journey through the archetypal keys of life. Pluto connects us to the unknown and Saturn is about our authority and our physical world. Pluto square Saturn is a TOWER-like energy. What have we learned since the collapse of the Twin Towers? What is the next evolution of this incident?

It is good to be prepared for uncertain circumstances around Christmas. The further into December we travel, the further into an ECLIPSE PERIOD we will travel. This eclipse period that focalizes at the New Year, is a death and rebirth. July was the last eclipse window. December is our next intensive initiatory meeting with forces of life and death and radical change!

Right now, the energy is strong and stable, moreso than it will be for the rest of the year, time to prepare. The light of this full moon can be utilized to "see" what is needed to prepare for the next few months.

Since Pluto went into its current roll in Capricorn on Thanksgiving last year, it is a reminder that as we walk into the future, gratitude is a key to the new kind of power that is here now. This Pluto in Capricorn will come into a 90 degree angle with Saturn freshly into Libra. It is a time to willingly allow our hearts to break open with whatever we face in the next few months. Saturn in Libra asks us for Justice. How are we in service to this archetype of Justice that is just beginning as Saturn settles into Libra for the next two years!!!

As we connect with ourselves all over the earth, we see how interconnected we really are. In this time of change, Pluto/Saturn square and beyond, we will be investigating borders and vessels for peace, bridges, conversations and collaborations all stepping us outside of old boxes.

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