Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse peaking at 6:55pm MDT. It will be visible from South-East North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and West Asia. Between 4pm-10pm is a consciousness portal of magic, transformation, life, death, and resurrection. Vital and powerful solar and lunar energies are transmuting, transforming, and enlightening our way, from the soul level out.

Expect to see decline and destruction where things are already decaying, expect to see people "acting out" parts of egoic consciousness that are up for all to see and release. We are not our shadow. We are releasing our shadow as we see it arising in front of us. We are claiming our shadow to claim our power. Our power is in our wholeness , in light and dark, in acceptance and forgiveness of all things.

This eclipse happens across the Leo/Aquarius Axis. Stephanie Austin references this eclipse: "New doorways emerge; old pathways disappear. We recall our soul intentions, complete or renegotiate karmic contracts, and move to the next level. Nineteen years ago, on August 6, 1990, there was a lunar eclipse at 13°47’ Aquarius–Leo. What was happening in your life back then? What is most important now? More recently, on January 31, 1999, there was a lunar eclipse at 12ยบ’ Leo–Aquarius, and on February 5, 2000, a solar eclipse at 16° Aquarius, both close to the degree of this eclipse. What were you involved with back then? Where do you need to shine your light now? Like a piece of glass in a kaleidoscope, we each reflect light in our own way and are also part of a larger design. Leo represents our individual piece, the kind of light we came to shine; Aquarius, the complex patterns formed by all coming together." Thank you to Stephanie Austin for her

There is this secret alchemical piece of magic where--when we find our own personal light, our dharma, our frequency, resonance, musical note, and we play it fully, and we follow our bliss, find our creative source and express it, find our passion, our "tree" as Julia Butterfly Hill puts it. WHEN we find this thing--this Leo part of ourselves, we then FIT into the larger whole, perfectly. We must find our authentic unique self in order to find our perfect place in the fabric of the whole. This little light o mine, i'm goin to let it shine!!! This little light o mine, i'm going to let it shine!!! This little light o mine, i'm going to let it shine!! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!!!!

May you receive the blessings of your next phase of powerful life on the day of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!!

Photo of lunar eclipse cycle: thanks to: tizianoj on Flickr

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