Monday, July 27, 2009


Tuesday, July 28th
Today is the midpoint between two eclipses. It is a POWER DAY. The energies are "stepping up." I'm thinking of this full moon lunar eclipse as a "Total eclipse of the heart!"
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (the third bookend on a three eclipse series) is on August 5th at 6:55PM MDT at 13 degrees Aquarius, opposite the Sun at 13 degrees Leo.

The First Quarter Moon is the actual midpoint between the Total Solar Eclipse on July 21 and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5th. This half-way point between two power eclipses is at 4pm MDT Tuesday (today).

Its good not to rush or push during this time. Its best to allow creation to happen through us with extra peace, because eclipses are volatile territory. It is however, also POWER territory. You/we may feel the extra amplitude of power running through us as this moon waxes toward full.

We are the creators of the next era, what will we create? (or will "we" remain apathetic?) This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will ask us to come into balance in a very personal way, by showing us where we are out of balance through some creative means. (Leo/Aquarius axis)

This is a Humanitarian Eclipse, lighting up the threshold to the Age of Aquarius. The Solar Eclipse on July 21 was empowering the Divine Feminine. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will focus more on the Divine Masculine in relationship with the Divine Feminine. We need a balance between the two to succeed!

Lets invite a revolution in masculine/feminine vibrational altitude! This eclipse has the power to elevate the relationship between masculine and feminine on earth. I'm praying for balance in the current dynamic and the end of all forms of violence, transforming into reciprocity, collaborative and win/win dynamics.

A wonderful piece of work at this eclipse: elevating masculine and feminine to divine masculine and divine feminine. How can we continue to support each other to rise above our unconsciousness and into divinity?

Top Photo: "Moon And Stars" --"Joiseyshowaa" Thank you!
Bottom Photo: "In Our Hands" thanks to "rogilde" and Flickr

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