Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day AFTER the Total Solar Eclipse

Today is a magical day, and i want to share the depth of magic woven in the stars today, for our empowerment! There was the second of three Jupiter Chiron conjunctions within 15 minutes of sunrise!

Just as this Solar Eclipse is the midpoint between three eclipses, this Jupiter/Chiron conjunction is the midpoint between three conjunctions which stretch from May to December. One can look at these three eclipses and these three conjunctions and see that it is one giant healing pattern! The cosmos is healing us!

Yesterday and today is the peak and middle of this star pattern!!!! What power that the cosmos aligned the midpoint of
three eclpses--Total Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Cancer, with the midpoint of three Jupiter/Chiron conjunctions, on the Feast Day of Magdalene!

These Jupiter Chiron conjunctions weave themselves through conjunctions with Neptune all year. This is a year of healing our wounds around Divinity and God/Goddess. Its time to expand our ideas about God and ourselves! How do we elevate our imperfect same and/or opposite sex, into its divinity? Every time Jupiter makes a conjunction with Chiron, like this morning, there is an opportunity to expand our capacity for divinity and for healing.

The first Jupiter/Chiron conjunction was May 23rd, at 25 Aquarius, the day before the Feast of the three Mary's. The second conjunction, this morning at 26 Aquarius is the morning of the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, and the third takes place at 22 Aquarius on December 7th, 2009, leading us into the Christmas season. When i noticed this Chiron/Jupiter conjunction with the eclipse, I got excited at our astrological menu for healing and transformation. The timing with Mary Magdalene's Feast Day was sweet, then when i went back to see the date of the first conjunction and noticed it was within 24 hours of another Mary feast day, i saw the magic being woven by our archetypal hallographic cosmos. This series of three Chiron/Jupiter conjunctions, emitting an energy of expansion, magic and healing are linked with the Magdalene related feast days this year. This eclipse lunar cycle, which began yesterday, will peak at the full moon lunar eclipse on August 5, and unwind down to the dark moon just before another new moon on August 20th. This time is woven with the healing of the divine feminine. This is an energetic opportunity for us to take on some of the unconsciousness and collective wounding that has resulted from a few thousand years of the blatent removal of the sacred feminine, from consciousness.

Below is the experience of Joan Norton who writes about Mary Magdalen's Feast Day:

Here comes my "moment". I learned that Mary Magdalene was the only biblical woman in the original Book of Common Prayer, put together in 1549 when the Reformation was happening. Jesus' mother was there only in the context of other stories, but Mary Magdalene was celebrated by herself and for herself. She had her July 22 Feast Day celebration with prayers, readings, customs, and church services dedicated to her. She was the only women of whom this was true. She had been celebrated this way in the English speaking world for eight centuries. Three years later in the Book of Common Prayer she was gone, no mention of her as the most prominent woman in Christianity, the "First Lady". She was simply disappeared, taken off the shelf and and off the calendar, her July 22 Feast Day no longer existed for the Protestent churches. She was in the official story and then she was simply taken out of the official story. End of story. That was my "moment", my sobering moment of realizing one more time how easy it has been to disappear the Sacred Feminine from the story. Just write her out. But of course, she's not a character in a story, she's God as much as Jesus is God and human beings can't just decide it isn't so.

Thanks to Joan Norton, for her information on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day.

Yes, well on this Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, on July 22nd, 2009, there is a potent healing aspect, and I invite you to "rewrite your own history," to include the "divine feminine." Invite her into your heart, your altar, your dinner table today. Today, I celebrate the magic and power of God in feminine form--Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, once written out of history, now being written back in.

More secrets soon to be revealed as eclipses and planetary conjunctions conspire.

Photo credits: Mary Magdalene statue: Andrionni Ribo
Three Red Tulips: "quapan"

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