Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, July 21 at 8:35pm, will be a total solar eclipse--the middle of three eclipses this season! This power new moon eclipse sits between two full moon lunar eclipses, one on each side, the powerful midpoint of the whole eclipse field this summer.

We had a full moon lunar eclipse on July 7th at 15 Cancer and Capricorn. This is a focus in our home and work lives--they are up for revision and change.

We'll have another full moon lunar eclipse on August 5th at 13 Aquarius and Leo.

These three consecutive eclipses will be some of the most powerful forces we have to work with this year. This Kali power is the power to make the changes we have wanted to make, build the bridges we've wanted to build, eliminate the things we've been wanting but unable to eliminate. These eclipses are touching into Pluto--our power, especially in how we express this power of life through our families, our children, our food systems, our money and banking system and our basic work infrastructure. Basic structures are in question.

Where is the power and where does it need to be? The eclipses will be assisting with some of this redistribution of power. This is going on inside of us--the kicking out of the corrupt guys--as well as on a country and world level. The old eclipse adage, "three days before an eclipse and ten days after, expect earthquakes and the death of Kings." The earthquakes happen internally also and the death of kings, is related to the death of our ego.

It is NOT a time to begin important things unless they are happening in a way that seems as if they take no individual effort, they are simply "happening through us." In other words, if our ego has a plan during an eclipse field, it likely will fail. If spirit moves through us during an eclipse season we may feel so empowered we are lit up like lightbulbs of clarity. This kind of clarity is available and possible during an eclipse. These eclipse windows were feared by the ancients and are loved by those who know how to manage invisible and changing power. This energy is GREAT for clearing out the old, facing difficult people--who may be placed before us, making improvement changes we have not been able to make before.

Many spiritual teachers say eclipses magnify the power of our thoughts a hundred-fold. Tuesday is a day to RESPECT as a POWER to manage with reverence and intention. This eclipse is a new moon, so the beginning of a whole new cycle of creation!! It is the longest eclipse (six minutes) to happen in hundreds of years before and after--so i hear!

Eclipses are our powerful allies for change. We can work with them by using their power to be Kali in our life, with a sharp clear sword that is ready to cut away the things that are bad for the whole. We may see the parts of self that we will now outgrow. Now is a great time to make an evolutionary leap with the least amount of effort--because the whole cosmos is doing it with us.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

These are sacred portals, of death, birth, and resurrection. These three things are mysteries. Eclipses take us to the edges of our mysteries, this could be edges of fear or limitation, OR edges of grace or profound magic. With humility and persistent attention to what we "know," we can overcome almost any limitation in these portals of power. These are portals to be respected and even ritualized.

It is a day of the birth of new things. These things are being birthed at the very end of the sign of Cancer 29 degrees. New things being birthed in the composting crumbling deconstructing old. "Its the end of an era and we live in a dying empire--hey, --lets start something new!" That's the spirit of this eclipse!! Death is all around, and yet, flowers still grow out of the compost. Are you a flower or are you a composting old piece of empire?

I know i have both empire and flower inside. Darth Vadar, Luke and the whole team are all inside--right. So this eclipse is one of those mythic portals where what used to be, changes, radically, in the course of a few months, or a season!! Luke confronts his father, Darth Vader, finds heart, takes off the mask, faces his father's death, and his own darkness. We have the power to confront our own darkness and overcome it.

Remember to handle heavy machinery and our bodies WITH CARE and SPECIAL ATTENTION at this time, in the eclipse field, all the way through August 20th. Care and Corefulness. Utilize the energy for radical change and overturning the compost for new life. Blessings on all those who are crossing over and all those who are helping others cross over. Bless those who are kissing the edges of life and death--may you deepen and come back more soulful! Bless our shadow and our light, may they balance each other out into a beautiful expression of human art! May our masculine and feminine (sun and moon) finally find the ways to nourish each other as we hit our Second New Moon in Cancer this year!! Here comes Mama!

In the eclipse field,
May the Source Be With You,

Azlan White

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