Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy New Moon in Gemini!!!

This Hubble Space Image so reminds me of the spirit of this new moon in Gemini! A new birth--twin intentions!!! As we step into a new creative cycle, we have yet another opportunity to revise, start over, create anew!! Especially with mercury retrograde, there is a feeling for many people, in some area of life . . . "this or that" is not how i want to do it--especially over the last few days. So, today is the ultimate "reset" button day!! We can say "Reset!!" I choose to do it "this" way--instead, i'm going to "start over" in a new way that will really work better in the long run. Welcome to our whole new life, beginning TODAY!!! Happy New Moon in Gemini!!! I love Gemini energy because it is happy!! So a day to plant seeds of joy! What seeds can we plant today that will lead to our fullest expressions of joy at the full moon in two weeks? (our fruition and flowering for this new moon seed today) Hooorrrayyyy!!!

May your heart seeds be planted in the rich soulful soil of the collective dark sky of archetypal human consciousness!! And when this seed of today, planted in "yesterday's dark night," flowers at the Full Moon, may your flowering be a fullness of joyful emergence into your heart's untapped potentials for expanded states of joy!!

Note: I will be updating this blog again, now. I was evaluating how to share these stories and for now, this will do.

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  1. Hooray! I'm glad you're still writing this. Your such a talented author.

  2. I believe the divine feminine is ascendant in this century. For many centuries in the past there has been a great anticipation for this epiphany. I believe in ancient times the divine feminine was ascendant also and gave rise to goddess worship and matriarchal rule before women were held back by an oppressive patriarchy, which held sway until the emergence of the women's rights movement in the late 19th Century. I believe the 21st Century will be the "Age of the Woman", as women worldwide assume leadership roles in all areas of human endeavor.