Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Moon Solar Eclipse - 12:55AM MST, January 26th

Trickster eclipse!!
This new moon solar eclipse is conjunct jupiter and mercury. Peak visioning time this is. It is important to envision and call forth our heart's deepest callings.

Losses and true grief, when shared with a community, open deeper heart contact with the world around us. Deeper Heart Contact is what this eclpse is calling for. On the Leo-Aquarius axis, over the next 28 days, we have the power and attention traverse the unresolved places in our hearts, for healing. Deep healings are possible in the realm of our greater community, as a new moon solar eclipse walks us day by day for two weeks, into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse opposite a Sun in Aquarius conjunct Chiron--wounded healer. This eclipse cycle seems to herald in the heart that it will take, to bring in a new era. This eclipse is asking us to herald in a heart that can reach into the dark unjust places and bring peace and healing. Eclipses are death-rites of passage. May all of the death's serve life.

Celebrate the death of clutter. Death of unclarity. Death of illusion. Death of an old way of doing relationship. Death to my consumerist tendencies. Death to all the places that are not celebrating life.

Eclipse--"best practices" guide:
Utilize the power of the eclipse to speak truth, expose shadow and allow radical change.
Danger--volatile territory--use caution. Its important to be deeply connected to feelings, intuition, inner truth and gut impulses.
Pay attention and STAY AWAKE. If you space out during an eclipse period--for the next month--you can hurt yourself--so be wise and stay awake!!
Recreate, recreate, recreate.

Photo Credit: Harbor Area Designs

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  1. I feel this right now, both cleaning up the room and my inbox as well as emotional clutter. Letting it go. This puts my transition to a new major in perspective. And its so true about staying awake. Especially in winter it can be easy to drift off but I stay up. Thanks Azlan