Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!!


This is the end of last year's Solar work of creation!!!! Today we complete the old year, get to the bottom of the darkness for the year, and we begin a new creation--TOMORROW!! Tomorrow the sun will shine with light that is fresh, having crossed from the season of waning light at the end, to waxing new light at the beginning of a new cycle of creation.

This is one of my favorite moments of the astrological year. We are all humbled. We have all seen our own darkness and are in a place of longing for an increase in spiritual light.

The day before Winter Solstice, this morning, Sunday, Mars has just started retrograding, adding mystery to our activity as we enter the portal of the solstice. This solstice, and this new year . . . we enter it with the Cosmos in love.

Venus is sextiling a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is an aspect we see every twelve or thirteen years. This conjunction is the third of three Jupiter Neptune conjunctions this year. The first two conjunctions took place in May and July.

Jupiter expands the spiritual river of Neptune. Neptune's river is not always expressed spiritually, however, when we are in alignment with divine will, we will experience this conjunction as a HUGE UPGRADE in our FLOW with SPIRITUAL POWER and KNOWING. It is a wonderful thing to see Jupiter conjunct Neptune on the Winter Solstice!!!

Since Chiron is only a few degrees ahead of this conjunction, the wounded healer stands nearby reminding us of all that needs healing. As we become more empowered in our "knowing," that knowing will lead us to heal and balance ourselves, humanity and the earth. 2010 and the next solar cycle is colored with this message about human empowerment into higher states of knowing and connectedness, giving the power to respond to the current world and human situation with "more intelligence," than the level of intelligence that created the problem.

We will see an expansion of focus on WATER this year, and the archetype of "The River," will speak to us on many levels. It is truly time to "jump into the river," in 2010 and "go with the flow." So where is that flow taking us? I know and trust that if we "tune in" and align with these greater archetypal forces, they will take us somewhere beautiful. These are the forces that unfold us, like flowers, into our highest potential. Only our own illusions, resistance and self or conditioning-imposed limitations will keep us from a divine unfolding.

The exact time of the Winter Solstice is 10:47am on Monday December 21st. There are beautiful aspects all day on the Winter Solstice. The Moon, Venus, the Sun and Pluto all get involved in supporting us on the Winter Solstice, THE DAY to anchor ourselves into our dream for our next year. It is important to take the time to root ourselves into our year now with this empowerment day, to prepare for the somewhat initiatory and tension energies to come as we come upon the Christmas days and the New Year's Eve Eclipse. By rooting ourselves into the new cycle tomorrow, and spending some deep time to align while the energies are strong, can give us the connectedness and "in the flow," that we need to ride the tension aspects and initiatory eclipses with grace.

May your new creation year fulfill your flowering into knowing your soul, the earth, our human purpose, and the collaborative miracle it will take to re-align humanity into right relationship with the cosmos.

I will be writing about Eclipses as Portals after looking into this eclipse on New Year's Eve a little more. (Sorry for the delay--for those who i told i would write about this!)


Thank you to Alice Popkorn for the image.

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