Saturday, April 17, 2010


Whoooooosh!!! Its 2010!! It flew in so fast, and i've been so busy with my activist work and my social profit work and the work of moving and being in relationship with people and life. I've been moving from one next thing to the next thing from waking to sleeping, with no extra time in between.

I am remembering hearing from elders, prophets and light beings over and over again, how time would be speeding up, and it would keep speeding up until we sped ourselves into a still point, or a "revolution/change point" that was so profound it just might change our whole perception and frame through which we see the world.

Mercury, planet of mind and short-distance daily travel, communications systems, words and vehicles, will retrograde from 10:06 pm, MST, Saturday April 17th, until May 11th at 4:27pm. Mercury will retrograde in the sign of taurus, beginning at 13 taurus, retrograding all the way back to 3 degrees taurus. Our communications systems are being revisited in many different ways. Taurus is the realm of money, core values, simplicity, senses, music, food, nourishment, and flowering.

As i look at Mercury, going retrograde later tonight at 10:06pm MDT, I see how communications is stirred up already in so many ways. EAch of us woke up this morning with some kind of "communication" stirring that is a sign or symbol for our next three weeks of some "piece of work." Are we working the mercury retrograde or are we being "worked by it?" If at any point in the next three weeks we feel "worked by the trickster archetype," we can seek mercy in our self exploration of whatever is arising as our own personal mercury story unfolds.

Here we go . . . the truth is the journey really already began, we were already in the shamanic journey of mercury retrograde, however it will come more into the third dimension tonight and for three weeks.

Please share your mercury retrograde stories if you wish, here or on my facebook site.

Each of us has a place in our natal chart where this mercury in Taurus will spend three weeks taking us through alchemical processes that may seem "beyond the control of our personal will." Look to see where in your natal chart you have Taurus, this is the area of life to be alchemized.

Good Luck on your journey.
I can be reached at If you'd like to know where the mercury retrograde shamanic journey happens in your chart, write to me.

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