Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn 5:30AM MDT on Saturday, JUNE 26th

The SUN is with MERCURY, in the SUMMER SIGN, CANCER opposite the MOON conjunct PLUTO in rigid CAPRICORN!!
We are Gods and Goddesses.  We are Creators, now more than ever before.  We must accept the power, the soul, the depth and the truth of this power and use it well in every breath.  Capricorn is an energy to be VERY CLEAR with.  Nothing should escape clear intention during this time.  Every word.  Every step.  Every breath.  . . . filled with CLEAR INTENTION.

Full MOON Lunar Eclipse, conjunct PLUTO in Capricorn.  at four degrees Capricorn!!  The SAME DEGREE!!!  A FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE, WITH PLUTO . . . . was the Cosmic Goddess JOKING?  It is time to completely honor the DEATH OF THE OLD.  When one looks at the DEATH card in the TAROT, there are mystical symbols that speak to a point in human evolution where we achieve the mystical death of the Ego, which on a larger social scale, is the death of Patriarchal Systems of power. 

This next few days is a time for intense prayer. holding the whole earth in grace, peace, gentle penetrating justice for all of creation.  We need to surrender our personal will to the will of the Divine.  We can use this powerful time of transformation to transform!!

Call in the Angels, Trumpets are Blowing!!  The caterpillars are melting into nutrified soup.  It is the time for imaginal cells, regeneration, death and rebirth, more economic collapse of the "old system."

EVERY THOUGHT MATTERS.  EVERY WORD is like a thousand words of God.  I'm singing, "every little cell in my body is happy now, every little cell in my body is well!!"
"I'm soooo glad, every little cell, in my body is happy and well!!!"

I heal myself i heal the earth!!
Shadow material and veils dissolve easily as the truth emerges.  I surrender my personal will to the will of the divine.  I am willing to receive guidance from my highest self.  I choose to act in alignment with Spirit.  I choose to be in alignment with cosmic forces.  I love the earth.

I hold space for the deaths and destruction that is happening.  I pray for healing.  I pray for grace and regeneration.  I celebrate life.  I am a warrior on behalf of all of life.  I empower support and live honoring light.  I speak only that which i choose to empower.  I am silent.  I love.

I take every step with consciousness and care for the next month and a half.  Eclipse territory is super-consciousness-rite-of-death-passage territory.  We must travel with humility and gratitude.  Blessing everyone we see and touch.

The CRAB has wisdom for us at this new moon.  We need to trust our own insides, our own intuitions ABSOLUTELY.  We must speak out when our intuitions speak.  If we FEEL something, we must bring it gently to the table.  If no one hears us, we must repeat ourselves, gently and consistently until we are heard.  If we are still not heard, we must take care of ourselves--whatever that means.

This is a season for caring deeply.  We need to nourish all that is life-giving.  Every facet of life needs a prayer at this time.  Every creature needs care.  the shadow beings and the light, the red and the blue, each aspect of creation is facing its own death of ego, death of old.  It is time for Fierce Grace, Inter-dependent Activism, Spiritual Warriorism, Heightened Prayer Practices, Heightened attention.

We need to act as if every thought we think and every word we speak will manifest in a thousand worlds, a thousand times over.  Every breath, every nuance, every word.  Whisper . . . . sweetly . . . . I love you world!!  I forgive you humanity!  I forgive every dark thought, every monster, every misguided misused mind, word, hand, or power.  I choose to forgive, to heal, to release the darkest darkest most polarized potentials.

I am wise enough, kind enough and secure enough in my intergalactic web of light, to hold your hand, in this web of light, as we lift the earth from the deepest stickiest shadows of the most sinister uses for a polarized world in an evolutionary phase of mistakes, lifting our minds, our consciousness and our earth, into its purification, trusting in the evolutionary forces of grace, unconditional love, sunshine and rain, to nourish us.  If we are destroyed, we accept that our bodies are only temporary.  Our true nature is eternal and unconditionally loving.  Return, return return.

It is July 11th.  I am the Summer Goddess.  I am the Sun and the Earth and the whole fabric of life.  I am a goddess incarnate.  How will i create?  How will i heal?  How will i regenerate?  How will i channel the deepest power i've ever known in an appropriate way that serves all of life? How can i resurrect myself.  Die and Rebirth myself?  Can i become Jesus?  Can i become Buddha?  How can i become a Saint?

I welcome the community of Saints to earth.

This eclipse window is like high-initiation time.  It is a good time to "listen within" and follow spirit.  It is time to be fluid and responsive and safe.  Walk slowly and with care.

The new moon on the evening of August 9th heralds a new clean cycle, clear of the most intense eye of the needle point of the eclipse field. After AUGUST 9th, it is safer to sign contracts, begin projects, etc.  Tuesday August 10th and beyond are a waxing creative moon in Leo, preparing for the Harvest Season.  Those of us who are alive and well after this Eclipse Field need to celebrate being alive!!!!  We have made it to the next level of high initiation on Earth!!!!

May the SOURCE of your KNOWING, your ANGELs and YOUR PEACE be with you for the ECLIPSE FIELD!!! Breathe Consciously, walk conscoiusly, BE A CONSCIOUS SWORD OF TRUTH!!  My hand in yours in peace, healing and balance for ourselves, our community, and for our world.  In solidarity.

Thank you to Rouj on Flickr for the "Light as a Feather" Photo above.   Thank you to NASA for the other tiny peg photo.

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