Saturday, August 21, 2010

Venus like Shiva and Mars like Quan Yin

On the eve before Venus conjuncted Mars and Mercury went retrograde, Thursday evening, I stood on a rock receiving sunset and saying prayers, inquiring into this planetary conversation.  I received, from the ethers, after a solid hour of dancing on a rock, "Venus like Shiva and Mars like Quan Yin!"

As you may or may not know, Mercury, is a character with some coyote energy, especially when changing directions and especially while retrograde.  So we began a three week shamanic journey about the relationship of each of our own inner mars and our own inner venus.  This journey began yesterday, Friday, August 20th.  We'll be on this shamanic mercurial renewal and rebirth of our MARS and VENUS sacred relationship.

How are Mars and Venus doing when they come together in our lives?  What happened for you yesterday, Friday?

We're being rewired!!  Three weeks!!

We've been living in a time of "separation consciousness for the purpose of some soul's evolutionary lessons, but things are changing rapidly--our human-earth spiritual journey is speeding up and the trumpets are calling, "Lead into Gold!"  and "Humans into Divinity!  We are called into our God and Goddess selves at this time.  God and goddess-selves, when they are in relationship relate differently than human beings struggling along in the dark tunnel of lessons of separated thinking.  As our minds are alchemized over Mercury's next three weeks of retrograde, through the sign of Virgo--the balancing healer of all tiny and not-so-tiny imbalances.  WE are being alchemized and healed in this realm of sacred masculine to sacred feminine experience.

Truth seems to be the sacred key.  With Saturn in Libra for the next two years, holding us accountable to what our true"right relationship" is like for each one of us, we'll be finding deeper and deeper layers of "Truth" in relationship for the next two years.

As i look back over my previous relationships with the many different men i've related with in any way, i am touching into gratitude for the rolls each one played in my "story" of life, so that i have come to be who i am today.  Not all of my experiences of men in relationship have been comfortable, most of them encompassing some unique piece of my own dance with life and all the forms the masculine can take.  I am eternally grateful to my sacred partner through lifetimes, the divine masculine, as i am in a divine feminine body!!

Even on my camping trip to Mount Shasta, monk-like spiritual men appeared to play a masculine roll, so i could wader off into the woods, get lost in the dark, (ecstaticly lost) and then graciously and gratefully a man's voice shines a light, "Azlan, camp is over here."  I loved wandering in the forest over moonlight at Mount Shasta. I just spent my birthday week doing a pilgrimmage at hte base of Mount Shasta.  I allowed myself to be nourished, taught and loved by the elementals there.  Mars, in its "Quan Yin" state is strongly connected to elemental energy--I'm discovering.  Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit.

As Mercury the mind went retrograde yesterday, I found myself asking, "What is the difference between human/personhood mind and "elemental mind."  If i begin to "Mars like Quan Yin,' my actions align wiht the instinct as connected to wind, water, sun and starlight.  These are the forces now guiding my own "Quan Yin Mars."  As i explore my own "Venus like Shiva," it is about doing love and beauty passionately, with some force and some power.  No more wimpy love and no more timid Goddess.  Love, Honor, Ecstacy, Beauty and Creativity is feeling like Shiva.  We are flowering and this is not hte 60's anymore, that was preparation or something.  This time "Love is the new world Power," for real.

So as mercury retrogrades in Vifgo having initiated this mental communications, transportatoin, rewire, rewrite, rethink, recreate, re-membering time.  WE have an opportunity, each one of us to "clean the slate of our relationship history and start anew, in a new world, where humanity is no longer in the tunnel ofseparation, but has stepped into our divinity.  Relationship will look feel and smell very differently in our new world, than the ones of the old world. Please let me know how you see relationship changing from old world to new world!!  May we all heal graciously as magnetic laughing rewiring mercury retrogrades.

Today, Saturday, Saturn also squared Pluto (early this morning) this is one of the many "tightening of the vessel" energies that i feel we've been going through since the Grand Cross energy began.  We've each been in a "pressure cooker of our own making," looking us toward our own awaking.

Blessed rewiring of mars, venus and mercurial things.
Azlan White

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