Friday, October 22, 2010

HAPPY FULL MOON!! (at 29 degrees Aries) the first of five full moons at 29 degrees!

I find the most beautiful thing about the language of astrology to be the sacred geometry we see in the cycles of our lives.  Can we, our small selves, really grasp what it means to have a full moon at 29 Aries, after a previous full moon at 0 Aries?  After which, there will be four more full moons at the very last degree of each consecutive 30 degree color of our lives.  Can we really grasp what this means?  No.  the small mind can't possibly comprehend the details of what this means, however i know i get excited about it!  I can smell the energy and magnetically feel it.  To put it into words might feel like shoving the ocean through a cheese grater.  In spite of the outrageous micro-flexing that it is to put astrological archetypal movements into words, for our small minds to "get with them," it is a task i undertake because my passion for these cycles overflows and i can't help but want to share it in some way.  So here goes. . .

My and Our greatest challenge in these times, i believe, is to silence the chatter long enough to be able to allow the earth's "third eye," the Moon to take her place tonight like a giant eye, seeing into the new world, the old world, and every other world we take part in and to receive whatever it is we really need.  We can dance, celebrate and participate in whatever it is we do in the world, as a full moon will draw us up into whatever is "up" for us.  If we find ourselves, as i do now, find myself in a place where i'm alone, and have my own space, it is a gift i give myself tonight, to "do whatever it takes for me to prepare to be myself in the next act."

For me that is Qi Gong, Yoga, walking under the sky, cleaning out my car of all that it has travelled with all summer, and re-organizing everything.  Tonight, this FULL MOON at 29 Degrees Aries, is like a second harvest to harvest ourselves, to feel ourselves into our FRUITION.  The last tarot card in the deck, the World, also called, The Universe, is about the place in our lives where we stop preparing to be, or looking forward in any way.  We have arrived.  We are fully here, in costume, and ready for the play.  No need to rehearse, or finish writing something, or put stage make up on.  It has all been done.  We are about to step on the stage.  Are you ready?
When we think of what it takes for us to get to that place, where we feel we are truly "ready for anything,"  I believe tonight is about that shift.  We have had all these years, before now, to prepare ourselves for this next act.  We may feel there is something we need to complete or finish before the final act.  Tonight, and the next few days and two weeks of the rest of this cycle, are the time we have to do whatever it is we feel we need to do to be ready and in the right costume for the final act.  Although we can wear any costume we would like, there is a body of humanity that we are with, like it or not, ready or not, we are taking the next step together.  What do you need to be ready?  If you don't know, then be silent tonight, and avoid all of the chatter that comes from boxes everywhere.  The silence of this full moon, in its light, is "preparation food," and it will feed us if we are silent enough and receptive enough, everything we need to master ourselves, and be ready for the final act of our human evolution.

Its possible that 2012 means nothing specific, and that it will feel like nothing much.  And it is possible that over the next few years, we will be so changed, that everything we value and perceive at this time will change.  If that were to be the case, what would you most want to do in the final hours of the empire you live in now?  Today could also be called "Enjoy the Empire" Day.  Enjoy it while it is here.  Another TOWER like energy is on the horizon and we can still enjoy our towers for another few weeks, but . . . these are the end times of that old world and so it is good to enjoy it while it is here.  And honor the time of the TURNING and reverently, sweetly enjoy the goodbye.

What is the old world crumbling and what is the new world?  We are the conceptualizers of this.  The larger archetypal energies move through us and we conceptualize them and put them into  specific form.  There is an archetypal energy of our current American Empire in collapse, not just through the lens of astrology but also the lens of economics, politics, industry, and the bottom line.  It is collapsing.  We will conceptualize how this collapse occurs through us.  Tonight, while our personal MOON is crossing above all our heads tonight, shining its light upon our soup, it is cleansing us like a sage stick of the old world we have imprisoned ourselves in.  It is the end of our self-imprisonment.

We may choose to be held captive, but there is no need.  We can be free.  This full moon tonight is truly about our freedom (Aries) and our ability to master (29 degrees) this world enough to be truly who we came here to be, and to enjoy the things we love and do the things we are passionate about.  All else must be allowed to fall away at this time, with love.

I honor you in your freedom from whatever binds you into suffering, may you gracefully, let it go tonight and in the weeks to come.

From my friend Daniel Holeman, who posted this last night,

“Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

Moon goddess, Coyolxauhqui, Thanks to Travis S. for the photo of this Mayan Moon Goddess!

Other Photo Credits: Top Photo: Crow Full Moon: Dave on Flickr, thanks Dave!  Middle Photo: "Saccsaywaman with human beings on top," ready for anything, Thanks to "Luis & his sexy pig" for the photo. 

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